Falling into Darkness (A Paranormal Romance Book) (COMPLETED)

The Morwen University handbook forbids one thing.
A love relationship between students and faculty members.

But ... Amity Woods is finding the school's new president all too tempting to resist!
When things heat up between them, Amity's question changes from 'Who is he?' to 'What is he?'

Ronan has entered Earth for one reason, to find a daughter of a royal family from his world.
He's the only one who can find her... Because he's the only one of his kind.

Half vampire. Half elf.

But Amity is a complication he didn't plan for and in the end, Ronan finds more than he bargained for.

He finds love.

Having walked his world for centuries, he knows a relationship with the sweet Amity is impossible in his world...
But some loves were meant to span across worlds.

Will Ronan and Amity's be the same case?
Or will the darkness win the war on love even if they lose this battle against man?

The author has rated this movella as yellow, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 13.
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