Blog 101

Here is a blog about an everyday girl who wants me to share her story

Author's note

This is for those of you who never feel like they fit in.

2. 10/10/19

Dear Journal,

Its 2:52 a.m. the thunder is rolling so loud I can here it in the basement. I'm afraid that the power is going to flicker out so when I go to use the bathroom I take my phone with me just in case. The thunder is freaking me out and I cannot wait to get back in bed. I double check to make sure my closet doesn't flood and move everything out of it just in case. As I go back to bed I hear the constant sound of thunder and the echoing sound of drip, drip, drip, drip, drop, drop. It is kind of creepy but I fall asleep anyway.

Sweet dreams,

Lia Hone


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