Secret Love

They always want me to find someone
They tell me how to look and what to wear
They think if I do that then I'll find someone
But what they don't know is I already have someone
Someone only for me
Only I know
So I ignore their advice
But it's get harder when the dance is coming up
Sometimes you have to hide from everyone to avoid being asked
Until one day you might have to reveal
The one who you love the most


1. Prologue

"Give me your honest opinion, who do you think is cuter this guy or this guy?"


"..My honest opinion would be none of them" Every day they would ask who I think it hotter, trying to get me with some random guy, and telling me what to wear and it gets old


"Aww come on Senanne, you really should get with someone!  Then one day we all can go on triple or quadruple dates!"


"Uhh, no thanks Evaline"


"Why not, Me and Alista can help you!  You should wear this tomorrow it makes you more curvy and everyone would love it on you!"


"Yea, Evaline is right, you will be able to choose the guy you like because you look so-"


"I'm sorry, but I don't want guys who like me for my looks, and I'm not even interested in any guys here!" It gets tiring saying the same thing over and over again. Still they are my friends and they just want to help, but I could never tell them the truth.


"When will you be, besides in four months is the dance...and you know what that means..."


"What? That I will go with my friends?"


"No you won't because Alista and I will be going with our date and so will Marshal!"


"Guess I'll be a loner"


"No we'll find you-"


"Well look at the time, I have to go!"


"a perfect guy for you.......Go where?"


"She already left, Evaline"


The Black haired girl, Senanne headed South and ran to the evening beach jumping into the arms of her brown hair lover


"Oh Senna, you're beautiful as ever 

You're the sun's golden rays

You always light the days

And I can finally see you forever

as the evening setting of the sun before the moon starts to raise

You know I love you more than anyone else's love phase"


"More than ever, Ristondany Kory Evertson"


"They still don't know?"


"I like it this way"


"Seems bothersome to me. Why don't you tell me what academy you go to"


"So you could transfer, never your academy is way better!  I rather transfer there!"


"I don't mind, and I want to be with you"


"Also if you go where I am, I wouldn't want anyone to be near you"


"You're worried about me, and look at you as beautiful as you are they be more after you"


"You know I can handle myself, Riston"


"Or is it that you like being secretive"


"I tell you everything"

"If you don't say...don't worry I'll find you"


Author's Note: Fifth book I'll continue along with "Surviving The Worst Person Ever" "Arranged Marriage" "You're The Love I Met" and "Kidnapped

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