Surviving The Worst Person Ever

She couldn't stand him, but everyone loved him
He did something to her that she'll never forget
She didn't want to do anything that has to do with him
But They fought, and they hated each other
But if someone else tries to fight her.... he wouldn't stand that
Does he really hate her, or does she really want him to leave her alone?


1. Prologue

-7 years ago-

"Trixina, what's the matter, scared now?  I agreed to come to show you who you messing with!  Look it's the death of you, they will come in the middle of the night... and take your life!  Beware of those fish...they seem friendly, but if you stare at their eyes they will steal your soul!  Don't run or they will go to you and murder you on the spot!  If you scream they will come to you in the middle of your life and make your mouth closed forever!  See that they might even chase you down and poison you!  Come on it's just a joke, stop crying stupid!  Everyone else thinks its funny except for you, I don't get it!  It's suppose to be funny!  Laugh idiot!"

"Be quiet,'s not funny....I'm scared!"

"Hahaha Hahaha Hahaha Hahaha!"

"Learn to take a joke, come on don't be a fowl!  Unless you want to be one for the rest of your life, act now!  I'm teaching you to be strong, so stop crying stupid!"

"Go away....I'm leaving for good!  I hate you and I don't want to see you people again!"

"What's with her, it just a joke... Too bad I liked her personality always scared of everything..."

Trixina left Matthias and his friends and went home crying.  The next few days her family moved several towns over, and she did not see him again.....until years later.  She got a personal tutor to teach her how to use a sword and manage herself.  Throughout Junior High she did cheerleading and everything was normal.  She had one close friend, who knew her better then herself, but she never knew about the incident that scared her to death and made her hate people like him.  Then they both applied to a High School where her worst nightmare was the school's most popular person ever: Matthias Edward Lynch

Present Day                                                     

Trixina: Freshmen                                      Matthias: Sophomore

"Wow this place is incredible....I can't wait, it's going to be so hard to know where every class is and............"

Trixina wasn't paying attention where she was going, and all she knew was that she was going forward and then she crashed into the worst person ever, or the person she thought she knew.

"Watch where you're going, you know you should attention"

"You!....Matthias Edward Lynch....  What are you doing here?"

"Well it's obvious I go to school here"

"Why, why all people you have to go here!?  I hate you, you're so......"




"Of course not!"


"Pff only when being your rude self!"

"How am I rude?"

"I hate you, you are a rude, irritating, cruel, deceitful, annoying, bothersome, terrible, person to ever exist!"

"Be quiet you're being loud, and annoying!  Why don't you just go away?"

"Make me, I'm prepared for the worst!"

"You do not know who you are dealing with, and I bet your still a chicken!"

"Pff I'm over that, fight me, unless you don't fight girls"

"Oh I only fight the worst, which means you!"

"I always bring a spare sword, so you be the only one arm-less"

"I do think not, I have a spare with me as well!  I bet you fight terribly"

"On Guard!"

Both began fighting each other with their spare swords that they bring everywhere in case of any emergencies such as running into the person they both think is the worst person to ever exist.  They both were equally good, knowing many expert moves.  When Trixina got Matthias, few minutes later Matthias would get her!  They were both equally strong, and got each other back and forth.  They were fighting for over minutes when the teachers had to split them up.

"Both of you! Stop this insolence right now!  You're hurting both of yourselves, and we do not want to be responsible for any of your injuries!  Go to the office and we'll see what your classes are!"

"Yes....this is all your fault"

"He started it, urgh he shouldn't go to school here!"

"Hey, Damsel in Distress I've been going here sense last year!"

"Knight in a blind, you'll leave or you'll learn to deal with me"

They go to the office and the principle just shakes her head at them frowning.

"Both of you, especially you Matthias do you have any idea what disturbance you caused!  You should of gone to class hours ago!"

"Not hours Mistress, it not my fault she started it!"

"I started it?  Says you who shouldn't go to this school! This school is too good for you, and your just pure hatred!"

"Enough!  You both seem to have strong hatred for each other, and don't give me the excuse Matthias that you just because are popular it doesn't matter"

"Hahaha, you popular?  Now that's baffling!  Maybe popular at being worst person to exist, or popular for your cruelty!"

"Leave me alone!"

"Too scared, who the scared one now?!"

"I'm done, and I'm through with you and your annoying self!"

"Matthias your schedule, and Trixina here is yours.  Please try to get along, I hope I won't see both of you at the same time anytime soon again especially with how your schedules are similar."

"...What!  My schedule is similar to that moron's schedule!  Please I beg of you, change it!"

"Just great......"

"I'm sorry Miss Everston, but your schedule cannot be altered"

They both were guided by an assistant to their first class and everyone staring at them

"Ugh, get out of the way, Matthias!"

Trixina pushed him out of the way and then her blond-haired friend, Averian called out to her.

"Trixina where were you?"

"...dealing with an idiot"

"You mean him, he one of the most popular guys here and he's incredible....Oh I see your not a fan"

Trixina, Matthias I see you have missed most of my class and I let you know that it shouldn't happen again.  Get seated and get to work!

"I understand, though you probably didn't know but I prefer if you wouldn't compare me to that idiotic person!"

The other students in the class whisper among themselves admiring Matthias as usual.

"Did she just push My Matthias?"

"How terrible"

"She so evil to him!"

"What is wrong with her, why does she hate him!?"

"They better not be a couple!"

"He seems irritated with her too!"

"I wish Matthias well being"

"I hope that Trixina not bothering him too much"

The bell then rings and everyone is talking about how they love Matthias or in Trixina's case hate him on there way to their next class.

"I just don't get it, why does everyone love him?"

"He popular, amazing, and above all he has such irresistible looks"

"Pfff do they know how terrible he is?"

"Why don't you like him again?"

"Why did I tell you this again, when you don't understand Averian?"

"You're right, I don't understand, but you can always vent to me...I won't tell anyone what we discuss!"


Author's Note: This is the Fourth Book I'll continue out of "Arranged Marriage" "You're The Love I Met" and "Kidnapped" Will continue sooner if they are popular!

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