You're The Love I met

"When I met you, I felt love for you that no one else had ever done to me"
"And I believe sense you seen me, it's been nothing, but eternal love"
"You are more dear to me then anyone I know and you alone is for me only"
"I'd never wish to leave"
"Always stay by me"
"Just being with you seems imaginary and I wouldn't want to let go of this dream"
"Even if I do leave, I'll never truly leave as long as I still remember you, it will be as if you are still with me"
"I rather be with you, than anyone"
"My love for you came from the wings of the sea, and promise me you won't ever leave this ancient place to be with one besides me"
"I promise on the love of the ancient waters of the sky I won't ever"

(Update: Saturday October 5)
(P.S. This movella will have two movellas in the series)

Author's note

(This story a tale when the love first soared until the end where they are saying all of this and this is going to be one of the next ones I work on starting in a month or a half of a month, unless it is popular I will start then)

1. Prologue 1

Prologue 1 (Eldwin):

Sometimes I wonder why I feel this way.  Like there something else I'm missing, something that I yearn for that I don't have.  I always tell myself it is nothing, and this life is just a life for lost.

Honestly everyone is stupid to think that I would care about what I do, or how I act.  There no point, everyone seems to care about things and what they do, but I do not.  I don't get it, and I don't see a reason why I should care what I do.  I do not understand how everyone seems to love me either, but whatever I do they do not seem sad that I don't.  They are just people who care so much about the world around them, and how they are represented.  They care about being flawless, and the one mistake could ruin their life.  The only thing that is whatever I do or say they don't bother actually listening to the words I say because it is me and that is all they think about, and everyone is the same around here.

Maybe I just wish something would change, or maybe I wondering when I did give them a chance what if I didn't. Would I end up like this? Even the people who many call family wants me to do better then it is worth. They want me to do better so I could inherent everything the set up, but I could care less. There no point when everything is the same every day, and life is just useless.

The only thing I see that is different are the teachers at the academy.  They think everyone is too fake, which for once someone is not wrong with what they believe.  That's why I go to the academy, but I still have to deal with a lot of the copies of people.  Sometimes there are occasionally new students that are okay, but then they get mixed up with the people and they end up the same.

I use to be different, I use to care.  Then I found one after another befriending them, they acted the same.  It was just so stupid and pointless.  At that moment I thought what am I doing.  I was trying to do well, trying too hard.  When I didn't need to, because everything I felt was fading. There I liked the world, it's peace and everything with it.  Most of all its Ancient Undiscovered Places.  It doesn't even matter....but there one thing I can't get out of that the academy is having.  A visit to a place several countries over....


Author's Note: (This Prologue is Eldwin's thoughts)

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