Deal With The Changes

Hi I am Lilly-Tae Color-Heart, I live with my father Jake. He is abusive and I must prove to him that I am strong ready for anything and will not let him push me around any longer. My mom died of cancer and since then my dad has been drunk and always hit me punched me attempted to starve me. That will change someday!!!!

Author's note

Hope you enjoy:) Inspired by Chelsealivingfaith (Love your story)

2. 2

It has been multiple weeks since my dad beat me or yelled at me. I have such a different life than I did before, no yelling no hitting, no nothing. No more dad coming home drunk. Right now my dad is inside the garage, doing I don't know what. I am curios but he told me not to go in there. If I were to go in there, things might change again, but not in the good way. Dad walked into my bedroom door and said, "You ready to go?" "Where are we going?" I was so confused. "To the garage. Tae? You okay?" I was looking out the window because I heard a weird noise. I think dad didn't hear it because he was still looking at me weird. About two seconds later a flash of yellow filled the room. Now I was horrified. Dad started yelling at me, he said "Go in the closet!!!" I ran in the closet, "What about you?" I yelled as loud as possible. "I will be fine! Close the door and lock it!" At that moment I started crying. I was worried. A few minutes later there was a big boom, that sound freakishly close. Then after that I heard growling that sounded like a wolf, don't ask how I know. About ten minutes later there was a wine of a wolf, and then there was a wave of dead silence. I was sitting on a stool inside of the corner of the really small closet, got up and peaked out... I was horrified of what I saw...

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