Deal With The Changes

Hi I am Lilly-Tae Color-Heart, I live with my father Jake. He is abusive and I must prove to him that I am strong ready for anything and will not let him push me around any longer. My mom died of cancer and since then my dad has been drunk and always hit me punched me attempted to starve me. That will change someday!!!!

Author's note

Hope you enjoy:) Inspired by Chelsealivingfaith (Love your story)

1. 1

"WHERE ARE YOU RAT!" Yelled Jake in a deep grasping voice, "You won't find me!" Suddenly realizing he was right next to me. "There you are!" Stated Jake with his drunk voice. "Go away! The only reason why you are coming home drunk and beating me... I because y-you miss mom." I was furious, and in a sort-of -kind-of way of feeling bad for him. But not to where  I would hug him or even go near him. "No I don't! I-I... Forget it," Jake I mean dad was walking away slouched and nervous. (I think his drugs had worn off) Now I felt really bad. "Dad? I am sorry... I didn't mean it, well sort of." At that moment I realized he was crying. I felt even worse. Dad turned around, (that made me scared) but instead of pushing me... h-he hugged me.

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