High School for the Rich

Luvidinia Olive Perez finished middle school and with summer coming to an end she has to apply for a high school. She has black long hair, hazel eyes, and always get the best grades. 3 weeks before the end of summer, she spends time with her best friend who tells her about an expensive high school who is giving out a payed scholarship to an excellent grade student, when Boom, some hot blond haired rich guy ran into her knocking everything she holding everywhere, her friend is fawning over him and she is not... but most importantly it won't be the last time she sees him....

Author's note

Luvidinia Olive Perez is from Europe so It will have some older School terms like
Grade school 1-5, Secondary School 6-8, and High School 9-12.
By the way even though I made this one, I'm still making the other book

1. Prologue

"Wow look it's Luvidia, she looks all dressed up today!" "Can you blame her, after all we are all graduating Silver Spring Highland Secondary School." "I wonder where we all are going for Senior high?" "Everyone will be separated too!" 

"Third Years of Silver Spring Highland will be eternally missed, but we will know you have succeeded in going forward once again...and I, your headmistress thank you for you time and hard work.  Now the student with the highest grade average was......Luvidinia Olive Perez congrulation please accept this award for all your hard work!" 

Those were the last words I heard at Silver Spring Highland, I walked out, said good bye and never entered there again.... Then the summer came and I was either at home studying or spending time with my best friends Gracelynn and Scarlett, then it was 3 weeks before I had to apply to a Senior High School....

Radio 12:00 announcement: Hello this is afternoon news and today incredible selfless people came and donated 5000 Euros (5495.53 of US dollar) to the high schools and heath care.....The headmaster of Aster Victorian Knight Senior High Mason Knight and his son and heir of the school Jackson Knight................

I wasn't paying any attention to anything else and was focusing on an application form when I couldn't at all think what else to say


My name Luvidinia Olive Perez, I live in England with my older brother Luca Alexander Perez.  I graduated my Secondary School Silver-Spring Highland with all A's, and soon I will be in High School, I hope to go to school here because of all the careers options and benefits you have here.  I hope you accept this application to apply here.....


"Okay Luvidia take a deep breath...think uhhh, I have no more ideas on what to put and I have no idea where to apply too... maybe Gracelynn or Scarlett have some ideas."


Me: I have no idea what to put on my application

& I don't know where I want to go 

Scarlett: We need go to the

same School

Gracelynn: You have to come here, it may help

us finding what school we go to.  I am at Victorian Village


Gracelynn I wonder what this is all this about well if it's about finding a school and application, I'm in


Me: Ok



"Luvidia! Scarlett! Wait till you hear this, you know how you were the top student and me and Scarlett were the top two and three of Silver Spring Highland well there is a scholarship if you take a test and get a certain 96 average you get free administration and everything is paid for!"

"Gracelynn what on the bloody earth are you talking about?!!" (Scarlett) "Don't look at me, I have no idea what school she talking about"

Okay all I got was there a school she wants each of us to pass through the exam to attend and we get everything paid for...but where?

"Aster Victorian Knight Senior High School ♪ this is the first year they are doing it too-ohh I'm so excited and we don't even have to do an application, it be almost as we're rich!" she told us anxiously, Aster Victorian Knight eh, I heard of it...nicknamed The School of the Rich and its headmaster is a famous business man

"The school of the Rich.... okay I know its breathtaking and all but don't you think that the people are kinda you know rich, upper class, spoiled, self centered, and look at us were in the bloody middle class!" Scarlett answered

 I wouldn't mind in a way, but Scarlett has a point they are upper class, spoiled, and rich and we are middle class, way less wealthy....

"Please....at least take the entrance exam with me, and if we don't make it we don't..." (Gracelynn)

"Fine, but first we need to prepare to look not out of place" (Scarlett)

"Alright, both of you and sense we are at Victorian Village, we can find something to fit in" then we headed down to fix up our looks


"Hahaha we look great" "Yea you too, I guess in a way I like to be able to do this, but I'm going to head back I need to pass an exam, bye Gracelynn and Luvidia!"

"We should study too... come on l-" What on the bloody earth urgh, someone knocked into me and knocked everything I had to the ground and I wasn't a fan

"Hey, watch where your going, you just knocked into me!" I wasn't having it, some guy just decided to run and knock into me, who on this bloody earth does that

"Oh pardon me, I'm so sorry I guess I wasn't paying attention... here take this, and you can forgive me right now..." Is this guy serious, trying to act all nice and giving me some .....65.94 Euros- trying to make up with money I see, but I still am not having it

"Are you even serious, what do you think you are doing, out here running around in a place like this, oh and don't think just because your giving me something means I'll forgive you, that is just a lame way of trying to get someone to forgive you!  I mean come on, oh my bloody goodness just because you have things doesn't mean you can get your way!"

"Oh my goodness, wow... it's alright with me, hahaha what's your name, how old are you, do you have any siblings or are you a single child, are you in senior high, what your phone number, do you go here often??!!? (Gracelynn)

...Gracelynn is she serious, she is fawning over this guy, she just met that was running around all over the place and he pushed me down and made me drop everything I had

"Do you even know who I am?  Fine if you don't want that then maybe I'll make it up to you, how about I'll take you out to some fancy diner?!" he told me

Did he just... "Did you just ask me out, pfff acting all famous and all.." 

"Please come on... uhh I'm going to be in my 2nd year of Senior High, it's just me, and yes I guess you can say I go here often, here at least take this (376-209-3429) and I'll take you at 18:00 tomorrow" he said

"What noo, I didn't agree to this HEY, I'm not going!"

ughh great

"Seriously...who does that, besides I have to study" I told Gracelynn, but I don't think she understood, she was fawning him the entire time

​"Yea.... wait-what your not going to meet him, Why he seems so nice and cute, you can't cancel it!" (Gracelynn)

"Well this girl just did"

"Can, I have his number.... wow can't wait till I tell Scarlett, she going to say what the bloody earth that's amazing, this will be fun"

"sure.... heheh" sometimes I forget why I am even friends with her she so different from me, and if Scarlett was me she tell him what the bloody earth is your problem, get your bloody apologetic attitude away from me..now, hahah


That was the day that dread begun


Author's Note: Her name is Luvidinia but she goes by Luvidia and her and her friends are currently 14

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