Growing Up A Stafford (The Trouble With Brothers Book 1) When Kat Meets Billy

When Kat Stafford loses her father and mother walks out on her and her brothers, she finds herself in trouble with the law. Luckily, her oldest brother Steve, comes home to take care of them. But when she starts High School and the richest and cutest boy is interested in dating her Kat's brothers and their friends don't make it easy. This is BOOK 1 of GROWING UP A STAFFORD. It's now available on all platforms for .99. BOOK 2 is now available on Amazon and both are KU free! If you read this feel free to comment on Goodreads! Thank you for your awesome support!


5. Chapter Five- First Party Chaos

The week stretched out. It was a long week and Kat couldn’t be happier for her first weekend at home.

“Hurry up, Kat! I want to get to the party!” Scott growled.

Her eyes lifted in the mirror seeing Scott’s reflection in her doorway behind her, scowling. He had absolutely no patience. He was so pushy, he had no clue what it takes for a girl to put herself together.

“How much longer are you going to spend getting ready?” he pointedly questioned. “The party will be over by the time you're done with your stupid hair.”

“Scott, how did you get to be so annoying?” Kat asked flatly. “I forgot. You were born that way.” Going out tonight was going to be great, but it would be better with anyone other than Scott.

Steve and Sean had introduced Scott to the jocks last year. The group she wanted to hang around. She would have rather had Sean with her too. But Sean eased out of his relationship with the jocks and back in with the neighborhood kids. It wasn’t difficult for him, he was pretty friendly with everyone.

Steve fell into his old place of staying home to wait up for them. His face looked as miserable as it sounded. But she blew it off. She had been home for three days and not apologized, why should she feel sorry for him.

Without an answer, Scott stomped away down the hall.

Kat slid several blue and white bracelets up her arms and gave her hair one final pass of hairspray, before grabbing her purse and heading down to the living room. This was the first party that she had been invited to, since coming back home. She had only been home for a week now, but already Kat fell into the same popular crowd as her brothers.

“Are you guys ready to go?” Sean asked, as Kat came into the living room.

“I've been ready to go, I’ve been waiting for her.” Scott threw out his arm and muttered from the couch.

“God, how does Kelly put up with you?” Kat questioned. Dave and Steve watched the bickering match.

“Come on you two.” Steve said, he clapped his hands together and rose from the recliner. “Before you guys leave, here are some ground rules. You two keep an eye on each other. Absolutely no drinking. I don't care what the other kids are doing. And  if the cops come get the hell out of there. Okay?”

Kat nodded, pretending to listen. In truth, she didn't care. She was going to do what she wanted. Why not, she was on her own now. The only girl, no mom, and a brother who left her rot for three months in some foreign home.




Sean pulled up to the curb of a grand house: ornate front door, two garage doors and a lawn that was perfectly manicured. Scott and Kat hopped out and trekked along the brick walkway to the two brick house with crisp white siding. She would give anything to spend her teenage years in a house like this and the kids that lived here probably didn’t even appreciate it.

As Kat strolled up the walkway this looked like everything she had hoped high school would be. A party with rich popular boys, jocks with muscles. A vast difference from the burnout parties in Garden City.

Kat and Scott stepped through the entryway and immediately split up. Kat  as soon as they stepped into the entryway. Scott wrapped his arms around Kelly who stood with a small group in the living room. Kat made an immediate beeline for the kitchen.

Kat's purposeful stride slowed as she entered the kitchen. It was packed with noisy kids, jabbering and jostling one another about. Kat tensed. The girls wore the latest outfits; vivid colors with matching earrings and bracelets, hair teased to perfection. The boys perfectly placed hair, confident and rich.

She began to second guess her acceptance in this group. Less than mile away, but a world away from the Garden City projects. Still, knowing this is among the group she longed to be a part. Kat ambled up to take her place in the line of kids waiting for beer.

She clutched her arm tightly to her side. She slid her hand under the sleeve and ran the fingertips of her opposite hand up and down her scar. The scar magnified her vulnerability

She could feel a pair of eyes on her. She glanced to her left and saw, Ron. It was a boy from her history class  and he was smiling and openly staring at her. He took a few steps close. She could already feel herself recoiling. She was still unsure about him.

He was good looking; cropped brown hair, well dressed  and confident, but maybe a little too confident. He was obviously popular and had tons of friends. But they were a rowdy and rude, and forever giving their teacher a hard time.  

“Hey Kat, right?” he asked. He wrapped his fingers around her arm, “You don't have to stand here waiting, I'll get you a drink.”

“That's okay,” Kat said hurriedly. She wanted to jerk her arm away, but didn’t want to embarrass herself by looking insecure around boys. “I don't mind waiting.”

Ron waved a hand dismissively.

“Don't worry about it, I got you.” he said confidently and placed his fingers on his chest.

“Come on Carson, move it! Can’t you see this pretty girl is waiting?” Ron shouted to the boy ahead of her. He turned to Kat and instructed. “Stay here. I’ll be right back.” And winked.

 He pushed his way through the crowd to the keg. The boy holding the nozzle passed it to Ron. A moment later Ron returned with a red solo cup filled with beer. He smiled at her as if just gave her the world  and she should be impressed. She was slightly disgusted, but curious.

“Pretty girls don’t wait around here. Not while I’m around. I got you covered. ” He handed it to Kat, and she took it with shaking hands. He was more overbearing than she cared.

“Thank you.” She replied.

“We have History class together.”

“Yes, I know.” Kat said flatly. How could anyone not notice him and his friends. They were so loud they couldn’t be missed.

“Ah, so you noticed me huh? So, your last name is Stafford, right? Are you related to Scott?”

“Unfortunately, yes.” Kat answered begrudgingly.

“So, your brothers are Sean and Steve too?” Ron grinned and looked her up and down, seeming to study her for a moment. Kat felt herself stiffen uncomfortably under his obvious scrutiny.


She didn’t want anyone to use her for her brother’s popularity. Right now, she wanted nothing to do with relating them to her. Steve abandoning her and for so long was inexcusable. Between a scar and the  embarrassing tale of her dysfunctional life. Talking about the subject of her family was not a topic of conversation she wanted to approach this evening.

“You play sports right?” Kat asked, trying a distraction. It did the trick. Ron's face lit up and he began regaling her with tales of all his latest heroic, athletic feats. She took a deep breath and listened patiently. He barely asked her a question about herself.

Kat smiled and sipped her beer, and before she knew it, she was no longer feeling quite so annoyed by Ron’s stories. Her head was starting to feel light and she relaxed. She even amicably followed Ron, when he suggested they move into the livingroom to continue chatting.

Kat finished her first beer, and Ron quickly provided her with a second.

As she drank, she nodded and uttered the appropriate “wow” and “awesome”, here and there. Ron didn't need very much encouragement. He sure did seem to enjoy talking about himself. And Kat was even starting to realize she didn't mind. At least she was feeling relaxed now.

She even began to find him appealing. His stylish short cut brown hair, his confidence, girls and his apparent lead over the others in his group she found intriguing.

Kat caught a glimpse of Scott with his arm around Kelly. Scott slit his eyes at her as he walked by. She could feel he was going to rat on her for drinking. She could feel it in her bones. A total tattletale. He told Sean everything, who in turn told Steve. Going out with him trailing along was not going to be fun or easy this year.

Ron paused in the conversation and Kat watched his face, as something excitable and calculating skirted across his expression. He put an arm on the back of the couch, resting it just behind Kat's neck, and then he leaned forward, coming in for a kiss.

Kat panicked and jerked away from him, spilling some of her beer on herself in the process.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry!” she said, leaping to her feet and taking several shaky steps backwards.

Ron watched her with surprise and confusion in his face.

“Hey, It’s ok. It’s just a little spill. Don’t worry about it.” He brushed his hand down shirt sweeping off the excess liquid. “I’ll be back, I’m gonna get dried off.” Ron exited the living room to a small hallway.

Kat eyes darted around the room hoping no one noticed. She had hadn’t had the experience of boys that she thought she professed to Dee. In fact she hadn’t even kissed a boy “officially”.   

Kat had never felt so embarrassed, overwhelmed, alone all at once. She had no one there she knew well enough to hang around at the party. Worst, part of it all was that went she went home tonight, none of her brothers seemed to care what she was going through. None of them cared at all.




The grand house was thumping with music. Kat stood in a corner, listening to the nearly drowned out joking and talking of Ron and his friends. She was looking down at the red plastic cup she held. As Kat pursed her lips cup to take a gulp, when her eyes lifted they locked onto Steve.

She nearly dropped her cup in surprise. He snatched the cup out her hands, bringing it to his nose to inspect the contents. His frown deepened. She squirmed, now he knew for sure, it was beer.

Kat stared at him with wide eyes and an open mouth. Her hand now gripping the air. He leveled his eyes at her and firmly pointed as he scolded her.

“Let's go,” Steve ordered. “You’re leaving now!”

She felt everyone’s eyes on her as she followed behind Steve. He peeked in the kitchen and caught a glimpse of Scott through doorway. He was filling a cup at the sink in the kitchen.

“Scott!” Steve called out.

Scott set his cup on the counter. His face showed no element of surprise. He had to have known Steve was coming.

“Come on.” Steve shouted.

Steve's feet pounded against the hardwood floors, down the front steps, and across the plush lawn outside.

“You told you brat!”Kat accused Scott as the three headed for Steve’s car.

“I’m not getting in trouble for you drinking.” Scott refuted.

The two followed nervously behind Steve.

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