The Haunting...



1. where it all started

I laid in bed underneath my polka dot duvet. It was dark and gloomy. There was a thunderstorm going on outside. The bins falling, the tree branches that were tapping against my bedroom windows, the harsh sounds of the rain and clapping of the thunder it was all overwhelming. I placed the pillow that was under my head now pressed against my ears. I pressed on the pillow so hard just trying to shut out the noises. I couldn't sleep. I just wish the thunderstorm would just end and I could sleep. Im truly a sleep lover. My sleep means a lot to me. My mom would always say

When you were younger my love if u didn't get the right amount of sleep or if you were sleeping and got woken up you would be such a cranky little kid. The amount of tantrums you would cause was unreal. You are just like your father. Ah my two little sleep lovers

The storm eventually settled but it was 4am and I had to be up at 6. I tried to sleep for the next two hours and make them count. I hugged onto my blanket and slowly started to fall asleep. I woke up to the delicious smell of freshly baked pancakes. I grabbed my robe and slippers that were by my bed and headed down the stairs and into the kitchen. My mom was by the kitchen counter making juice and my dad was sitting on the table reading the news paper with a cup of hot coffee. My dad told me to sit down. So I sat down on my allocated chair. I know having an allocated seat sounds a bit weird but it stops the arguing about which seat we can sit on with my and my older brother James.


James walked down stairs. Mom called him into the kitchen telling him to take a seat. So he did right opposite me. Dad poured the juice for us that mom had just made. We had a good breakfast. Dad tried to make jokes but they were so bad and cringe. Nevertheless, we had a good start to the morning. I asked my mom when we're gonna unpack the rest of the boxes. We just moved into this house a few weeks ago. She said "tomorrow".


The house had three floors big and was pretty anttic. It was in a deserted area near other houses but not close there was a big space between each. It was such a nice place to live its really cosy and it was affordable which was odd for a house of this quality it should be for millions at least but dad got it for £100,000. That wasn't the only thing odd about the house there was a weird atmosphere around it I might sound crazy or like some supernatural psycho but when the first few nights of living here I could feel like there was something here. I never mentioned it to my parents cause they would either laugh or be concerned and I didn't wanna ruin the moment so I tried to forget about it. But after weeks of being here I still feel the sense of a presence here. I don't know what kind though. Maybe it's all in my imagination or maybe I'm not going crazy and there really is something here...

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