The Haunting...



2. The Whisper

I went to bed that night with an uneasy sensation in my stomach. I was laying in bed trying to fall asleep just looking at the moon through the window consumed by my internal thoughts. As I fell asleep I was awoken when I heard something whisper in my ear. Struck by fear and terror I jumped out of my bed and ran to James's room to the realisation that he was staying at his friends house. I shut the door behind me and climbed into his bed and just doze off.

"What are you doing in here?" James said in a gentle voice as he sat beside me.
"Sorry James i got scared and just came here' I responded in a tired voice.
"Scared of what?" He said in a mockery voice. James wouldn't understand he wouldn't believe me so I just said,
"Had a nightmare."

I was so shaken up by last night. I know there was something there but what was this voice saying I couldn't make up what it was saying. I was on my laptop trying to find some answers. Two hours later, I went to grab my robe that was on my bed since it was getting cold. As I sat back on my chair my laptop was turned on and my pencil pot was knocked over with my pens and pencils all over my desk... Terror once again as I just stood there frozen just in complete and utter shock but then I heard a faint echo saying,
"Hahaha". I almost fainted as I heard that sinister laugh. Before I thought I was just paranoid when I heard that whisper and felt that presence but now I know there is something here. You hear about paranormal activity in movies but it hits you so different when you experience it first hand. Now just one question was left wondering in my head 'what is this presence?'

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