Good Girl Bad Boy

Warning: Content not advised for younger readers. Read at your own risk

cover by @Ziree

most of you probably know the background info.

Author's note

This is my first none fantasy book. Sorry about the inconvenience of a new account.

23. Chapter 23

Ice taps his foot impatiently as he worries about his cousin. Brick’s two goons are tense and looking ready to pounce at a moments notice which isn’t helping. The waiter had taken his drink order than had left, seemingly tense and frightened. He didn’t blame him. Brick had that effect on everybody. Even for the ones that are attracted to him, there will always be an underlying fear in them. Even Ice feared Brick for the simple reason that one punch from the ruthless man would knock him out for a week. He was surprised that Kia could even talk back to him like she does. She seems to be immune to him in all ways. 


After a while the waiter comes back with a bottle of wine and Ice’s drink. Without another word he’s gone. Ice shakes his head and takes a sip of his drink not taking his eyes off the two guys in the table next to him. He sees one of the guys pull out his phone smiling at something on it. The other guy glances over at him and rolls his eyes not relaxing even a tiny bit. Ice sets down his drink and glances quickly to his men at the table not that far away. He knew it wouldn’t be smart for him to come alone without at least a little back up in case things went downhill. He had his men come with him but made them wait about ten minutes before getting seated though so Brick wouldn’t be aware of them.


Ice was just about to take out his phone to message one of them when the familiar, steady clicking of heels catches his attention. He looks up from his phone to see a very pissed off Kia and a smug looking Brick. His eyebrow raises in slight curiosity not expecting to see his cousin back. She just shakes her head slightly at him before sitting back in the chair she had been in before. An awkward silence stretches between them. Brick’s mask already covers any of his previous emotions as he pours two glasses of wine. To Ice’s surprise, Kia picks up one of them and takes a sip from it. “You drink alcohol?” He asks in astonishment.

Kia had sworn off drinking alcohol after the incident that happened with their grandparents. For her to pick up even a glass of wine… Something really bad must have happened. Something’s definitely wrong. A frown etches his features. “Did something happen recently to cause you to now drink?” He asks. He hadn’t even been notified of her parents death. He had known about the incident that happened to her about a year ago. In fact he had been right by her side at the hospital when she woke up.

********************************a year ago****************************************


Kia is still unconscious hooked up to all kinds of machines. Ice had come in as soon as he had heard that she had been admitted. He grits his teeth in anger as he looks at all the bandaged that cover her body as well as bruises. He hated seeing her in this kind of condition. He could see a part of her nose that wasn’t covered by the bandage was a greenish color as well as the purplish green bruises that go up and down her arms that weren’t covered by the sheet. He can’t imagine what was underneath it. Just thinking about it caused the fire of rage to grow ever more. From what the doctor had told him after he had pressed them for information, she had been attacked by someone or by multiple people. The doctor said she had multiple fractures on her legs and arms due to a great force hitting against it over and over. They also said she had multiple broken ribs and that one had been extremely close to puncturing her lung. She was extremely lucky it didn’t.


He watches her chest rise and fall with steady breathing as the heart monitor beats in an almost methodical way. All of a sudden the heart monitor picks up a couple paces and the rhythm of her chest becomes irregular. Worry etches Ice’s features until he feels her fingers twitch underneath his. He relaxes. “Kia, hey little cuz. How are you feeling?” He asks as he sees her eyes finally pop open. Her eyes met his and all he can see is confusion, worry, and pain. He gives her hand a light, comforting squeeze. It had been over a week since she had been admitted and he’s glad that she had recovered from her injuries as quickly as she did.


Kia looks at the familiar face that she has awaken to. Her whole body feels sore and she doesn’t quite know where she is. She finally processes the guys question. “I’m a little sore.” She says her voice cracking from not being used for so long. She tightens her fingers around her cousin’s and tries to sit up. She inhales sharply at the stabbing pain she feels on her sides reminding her of how she ended up where she is in the first place. Her eyes scan the hospital room to make sure there was no sign of the men who put her in here.


Ice sensed her attitude change as her eyes seem to dart around the room. He gently wraps his arms around her, careful not to hurt her. “You’re safe with me lil keke.” He murmurs softly using the name he called her when they were kids. He feels her relax in his arms. He pulls away slightly and looks her in the eyes. “Who did this to you Kia? Who hurt you?” He asks his eyes hardening, prepared to fight whoever hurt his cousin. The door opens before she can even open her mouth. Ice turns his head and a girl with a pixie cut and a biker outfit walks in. He becomes tense thinking that the person could possibly be the attacker. The one who hurt his cousin. That is until he turns and sees Kia’s reaction to the girl.

Kia’s cheeks heat up as she remembers what she had thought before becoming unconscious in the ambulance. She deeply hopes she hadn’t said it outloud. She forces herself to sit up fully, ignoring her cousin’s protest and the immense pain coursing through her. “H- Hi.” She stutters out her cheeks heating up further in embarrassment. The girl, Sam, gives a look of concern as she walks over to Kia’s bedside. She must have mistaken her expression as being upset or in pain, because Sam gently places a hand on her shoulder and softly pushes her so she’s back on the bed. 


“You need to let you body rest Kia. If you don’t it will just take longer to recover. I’m betting you want out of this place as soon as you can.” Her voice is gentle as she expresses her concern to her new found friend. She doesn’t see Kia as just a girl she helped when she was in a tough situation. More like a new friend that she wants to get better. She doesn’t want Kia to feel that she expects payment of any kind for saving her either. She knew what had been happening was wrong and just wanted to help. She sees emotion flashing in the girl’s eyes before a sigh reaches her ears and Kia completely relaxes under her hand causing a soft smile to appear on Sam’s lips.


Ice looks at the girl and clears his throat. “Hi, my name’s Ethan. I’m Kia’s cousin.” He holds his hand out in greeting. “I thank you for helping her out of whatever she got herself into.” He glances at Kia with a small smile before turning his attention back to the girl, who grabs his hand in a firm grip that he wasn’t expecting from her, but he doesn’t let it show on his face. Instead he plasters a smile on his lips. The girl smiles back at him finally introducing herself as well.


“My name’s Samantha but most call me Sam. I’m glad I got to your cousin when I did. She was being beat up pretty badly by some guys who were nothing but bullies. I took care of them so I don’t think they’ll be trying to hurt her again.” She says with a smile. “Me and Kia work together so I’m glad she’s ok. I’ll be making sure to keep an eye on her at work as well. I’ll make sure nothing like this happens again.” She releases his hand placing both at her sides glancing at the muscular man curiously. Her head cocked to the side slightly.


Ice notices the slight bruises on her knuckles before she had dropped her hand. His lips purse together slightly as he looks at Sam She seems like a girl who could probably hold her own against anyone in a fight. He has no doubt that this girl did some damage to the guy, or guys that hurt Kia. It made him feel better to know that they got what they deserved but now the question on his mind was why Kia was even targeted like that in the first place. He cracks his knuckles, a bad habit of his, but it relaxes him. “So how did she even get in that situation in the first place?” He asks.


Kia rolls her eyes in annoyance. She hates being talked about like she isn’t in the room, perfectly capable of answering for herself. “Because Ethan, I provoked them.” She snaps, her voice dripping with sarcasm. She grits her teeth. “It’s because I’m a lesbian, a dike, a mistake. I’m a sinner who should die. At least that’s what the men said every time their feet connected with a part of my body.” Her eyes water remembering how helpless she was against those men. If she wasn’t such a coward. If she had taken action and stuck up for herself, she wouldn’t have been put in the situation she had been in. 



Ice hated seeing her in the state she was in. She had been put in therapy for a while after that. The fact that she’s drinking anything with alcohol in it means something worse than that must have happened to her. He watches her take another sip looking pleased as she sets down the glass. “You drink alcohol?” He asks again when she doesn’t seem to want to answer the first time. Her eyes flicker to him and she just lifts her shoulders in a shrug. He grits his teeth hating when he doesn’t get a verbal answer from someone. “Use your words Kia.” He orders.


Kia raises an eyebrow at her cousin. She can feel the anger radiating off of Brick. She knows he doesn’t like hearing the way her cousin is talking to her but she’s going to be the one to take care of it. Ice is her family not Brick’s. She crosses her arms after raising a hand to shut Brick up before he could speak. “For one I am 21 Ice. I hadn’t drank until recently when Sam and Jeffery brought me to a bar for the first time. They thought I needed a good drink after what happened recently. As I’m sure you’re quite aware, my parents were in a car crash and neither of them survived. It was hard on me to get the new a couple days after the fact. I didn’t even know my parents had been in an accident. What kind of daughter does that make me? Oh and don’t worry I haven’t drank enough to get drunk. At the bar this asshole next to me dragged me out of the bar and to his place.” She sends a glare Brick’s way.


Ice spotted something white on her arm that didn’t seem to be a part of her outfit. He gets up and walks over to her. Before she can react he grabs her arm and rips off the bandage, inspecting the cuts on her wrist. His eyes darken. “Kia, did you start cutting again?” His hard eyes flicker up to meet her now startled ones. She tries to pull away but his grip only tightens. Not enough to be painful though. He yanks her arm pulling her against him and hugs her tightly burying his face in the crook of her neck. “I’m so sorry I wasn’t there for you when you needed me lil keke. I-if I had known… I would have been at your place immediately. I swear it. I would have never let you go through that alone. You were suffering and I didn’t even know… What kind of cousin am I?”


Kia is stunned by his reaction. She softens and relaxes in his embrace. It felt good to finally be able to feel the familiar embrace of a loved one. It made her feel better. She had always been close with her cousin. Even when they were younger. After they graduated highschool he just seemed to disappear. They kept in contact for a little while but it seemed that he would talk less in less and the distance would grow more and more. She pulls away slightly and frowns at him. “Wait you didn’t know about it either.”


Brick clears his throat. “I know you both have a lot of catching up to do or whatever but I am a very busy man. I suggest you tell me what you need to tell me Ice or I’m leaving and taking Kia with me.” There was an underlying threat in his tone. Ice pulls away completely and goes to sit back down seeming to snap back to reality. Kia sits back down as well. Ice fold his hands on the table clearing his throat. Brick takes his glass and downs half of it in one gulp. He enjoys the sweet taste of the wine every once in a while though he prefers the burning tast of hard whiskey the most. 


Kia huffs knowing the only thing he was busy with was torturing her. She grabs the one bottle and pours herself another lass having already finished the first one. She fills it most of the way and goes to set down the bottle only to have it grabbed from her grip and moved from her reach. She frowns but says nothing as she takes a sip from her glass as she starts to feel the relaxing effect of the wine. She sets the glass down and leans back casually. “Go ahead and speak Ice,” She emphasizes his faux name, “Don’t hold back on my account. I’m sure you two have important business to discuss right?” There’s clear frustration and anger in her voice hating that her cousin has been holding back information about what’s been going on with him.


Ice sighs and looks at Brick. “I have some important information that my guys have found on the people going after you. Apparently someone’s offered a lot of money to see you dead. There’s something else. All incidents you’ve experienced all seem to have something in common.” He goes into his pocket. “Now I’m no detective but I think it’s pretty obvious that whoever is after you is trying to send you a message.” He lays out a piece of paper with a symbol on it. “Every single one of your attackers have this symbol burnt onto their skin and every single one is dead. Most on purpose because they did it themselves but a couple have their throats slit. Someone else had killed them. I’ve been trying to figure out the meaning behind this symbol but so far have found nothing.”


Brick frowns as he looks at the symbol. He doesn’t know what it means and it doesn’t look familiar to him. He opens his mouth to speak but to his surprise his little tiger has something to say about it. “You both are clueless? Seriously? Come on, as morbid as this is, it’s clearly a dove whose head has been snapped. Possibly meaning an end to any sort of peace you had with the person. It’s clearly a threat to you to watch your back. That he or she is not gonna show mercy.” He looks at Kia shocked by her words and interpretation of the symbol. He takes a closer look and sees that she is right about the symbol. Both him and Ice share a look.


Brick clears his throat and grabs the paper before standing up. “This information was slightly helpful.” He looks at Kia. “Come on.” He watches in amusement as she chugs down the rest of her wine before finally getting up. Ice gets up as well going over to his tiny tiger and embracing her. He whispers something in her ear then lets go, heading out. Kia doesn’t seem to react heading to the front door as Brick watches with a frown.


“So did you get the information you were looking for?” Snake asks curiously as he and Red get up from their table. Neither one of them had spoken the whole time, they preferred to just be their and observe. They knew they would step in if only necessary. He gets no response from Brick. Instead his boss just walks toward the front doors without a word, being his usual cold self. Red and Snake share a look before following behind him. The hostess waves flirtatiously at Snake who winks at her in response before walking out, hearing her high pitched giggle.


Kia waits outside for Brick and them to get out of the restaurant.  If she had a ride from her cousin Ethan or had her phone she wouldn’t be waiting. As soon as she had gotten outside though, Ethan had already been gone. Being that she didn’t have her phone either, she can’t call someone to pick her up. She leans against the wall feeling slightly dizzy but other than that she was fine. Well physically anyway. She still had a lot going on in her mind about the events that unfolded tonight. “With my cousin involved with that Brick and with Brick being in danger,,” She shakes her head ridding herself of those thoughts. “What am I thinking? I don’t care what happens to him.” She closes her eyes and rubs her head.


“Someone can’t hold their wine.” Brick says as he walks over to her. He watches her eyes pop open and her cute, plump little lips turn into a frown. He scoops her up in his arms ignoring her protests as he walks toward the car. His face isn’t its normal teasing but it isn’t emotionless either. He opens the back door to the car and slides her in before getting in himself and closing the door. He turns and looks at her. “Look, I know I said we’d play a game when we got back.. But after what I got tonight… I need to make a call.”

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