Rescues From A Wizard and A Hobbit

Set between Game of Thrones Seasons 5 - 6. What would happen if Gandalf and Pippin got involved in the affairs of Westeros?


3. The Rescue of Jon Snow

“We are nearly at Castle Black,” Gandalf said to his friends. “Can you see it?”

            They looked ahead.

            “Well, I can see a castle,” Pippin said, “but it might not be the castle we’re supposed to be heading to, if you catch my meaning.”
            Gandalf didn’t catch the hobbit’s meaning and just didn’t bother to explain. Then he and his friends were greeted by Eddison Tollett and a whole army of the free folk.

            “Where are you going, wizard?” Edd asked.

            “To Castle Black,” Gandalf replied. “Why? What is the trouble?

            “There is a disaster happening over there,” Edd warned. “The Lord Commander has been stabbed to death and his remaining loyalists, including Ser Davos, are next to die.”

            “Ser Davos!” Shireen cried.

            “Jon!” Sansa gasped. “Is he all right? Is he still alive? Is there anything we can do to help?”

            Knowing she was Jon’s sister, Edd sighed. “I hope so.”

            “Then let me see what I can do,” Gandalf said. And Shadowfax continued to trot to Castle Back fast before Pippin could annoy him with another useless question.



By the time they arrived at Castle Black, they heard a loud noise. It sounded like someone was bashing a door down.

            “They must be trying to get to Jon and Davos,” Edd said.

            Tormund ordered the free folk giant Wun Wun to break the door down. After he successfully did, his friends followed him.

            “Fight!” yelled Alliser Thorne, the reinstated Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch.

            The Night’s Watch started to fight the Free Folk, with Tormund killing a ranger and Wun Wun killing an archer.

            “Fight, you cowards!” Thorne yelled.

            “EVERYONE, HALT!” yelled a louder voice.

            Everyone stopped fighting when they saw Gandalf dropping from Shadowfax and approaching them. They looked nervous because they never had a powerful wizard at the castle ever! They did have Melisandre for a while, but a wizard from Middle-Earth was something else.

            “What are you doing here, wizard?” Thorne demanded.

            “What I need to do,” Gandalf said. “And all of you will stay out of my way if you don’t want to get hurt.”

            Thorne just laughed and so did all the Night’s Watch.

            Gandalf just ignored that and headed off followed by Pippin, Brienne and Podrick, leaving Sansa and Shireen with Shadowfax.

            “Where are you going, wizard?” Thorne demanded. “Take one more step and you will be killed.”

            “Keep moving and prepare to fight,” Gandalf said to Brienne and Podrick. Then he turned to Pippin. “Whatever happens, go to Davos and help him prepare Jon Snow for my arrival.” They kept on moving.

            “Attack!” Thorne ordered his men.

            And the Night’s Watch engaged with the wildlings, Edd, Brienne, Podrick and Gandalf. Dodging all the fighting, Pippin just ran to a room with a knocked down door. When he opened it, it was the room that he assumed had Davos, some of Jon’s fellow supporters and Jon Snow himself in it.

            “Who are you?” Davos demanded.

            “I’m Pippin Took, a hobbit of the Shire,” Pippin said. “My friend Gandalf and I have come to help this Jon Snow.”

            “Well, this Gandalf friend of yours might be a little wee late,” Davos said.

            Pippin gasped. “You don’t mean –”

            “I’m afraid so,” Davos sighed.

            Then everyone looked to see some of Thorne’s men coming to attack them, but they were killed by Brienne, Podrick and Gandalf.

            “Are you the wizard that’s come to help?” Davos asked Gandalf.

            “I am,” Gandalf replied. “Where is he?”

            Davos took him to the table where Jon laid unconscious. He put his hand on the former Lord Commander’s forehead and started chanting.

            Some of Thorne’s men, including Jon Snow’s murderers Bowen Marsh, Othekk Yarwyck and Olly, led by Thorne himself, barged in. Brienne and Podrick kept them busy, killing Marsh and Yarwyck themselves.

            Olly saw what Gandalf was doing to Jon and went to kill him, but Jon’s direwolf Ghost pinned him down, sunk his sharp teeth in the young boy’s throat and wriggle it in a puddle of blood.

            Gandalf kept on doing his best to heal Jon, but he felt that he was failing.

            “Gandalf!” Pippin cried.

            Gandalf turned around and saw Thorne charging for him. He raised his staff to block Thorne’s sword and used his sword to cut the traitor’s head off. Then he resumed trying to heal Jon.

            Sansa and Shireen arrived in the room.

            “Ser Davos!” Shireen cried.

            “Shireen!” Davos cried, as they embraced each other.

            Sansa ran to Gandalf. “Is he going to make it, Gandalf?”

            The wizard sighed. He felt that he did his very best and failed. He turned around and closed his eyes, feeling his failure.

            Everyone else felt that Jon Snow was really dead for good. No one moved or made a sound, expect Sansa who was crying her eyes out over losing her half-brother.

            Then there was another sound. A loud, scared gasp, followed by a lot of panting.

            Everyone looked to see Jon Snow’s eye were opened and he was gasping. No one could believe what just happened. Even Gandalf was amazed. In all of his life, he had never brought anyone dead back to life. He was still not sure if he had the power, but he was very happy to help all the same.

            Sansa went to hug Jon, followed by Edd, Tormund and Davos.

            Then Jon Snow looked at the wizard. “Gandalf?” He had never met the wizard of Middle-Earth but heard so many tales about him.

            Gandalf smiled. “Breathe the free air again, my friend,” he said, like he did to King Theoden of Rohan after he cured him.



Everyone started to eat in the same room by the large fire. As they ate lettuce, sausages and some ale, Gandalf and Pippin explained what they had to do to Stannis, Selyse and Melisandre.

            “I can’t believe it,” Davos said. “I just can’t believe it.”

            “It’s true, Ser Davos,” Shireen said.

            “I did try my best not to kill any of them,” Gandalf said, “but Shireen would have died for nothing had we not interfere.”

            Davos understood it wasn’t the fault of either Gandalf or Pippin. He blamed Melisandre for manipulating Stannis ever since she joined him. His beloved king would never have done that if it wasn’t for her.

            “Come on, Peregrin Took,” Gandalf said. “We must get to Minas Tirith without any further delay.”

            “We might need your help in the battle for retaking Winterfell,” Jon Snow said.

            “We will help you in the future,” Gandalf said. “But right now, Minas Tirith needs our urgent help. We will see you soon. Peregrin Took.”

            “Goodbye, everyone,” Pippin said to his new friends.

            They all said goodbye and thanked him and Gandalf for all the good deeds they did for them. They watched their Middle-Earth friends leave Castle Black and ride for Minas Tirith.

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