The Forgotten Element - Book 1 The Stone and The Eye

Imagine it's the middle of the night when you're shaken awake by a stranger! What would you do? Would you scream? Would you try to run? Or would you fight them? Find out what Erin Sanders did when that happened to her in The Forgotten Element.


5. Chapter 4 - Mashed Potatoes and Gravy

When I walked out of the elevator I saw that I was in a short little hallway that opened up into a circular hallway around the spiraling staircase. In the middle of each wall was an elevator. Four in total. To the left of me, at the end of the little hallway, was a large door with a sign that read, Cafeteria.

On my right was a set of large double doors. By the door, an A-frame sign read, Welcome Erin! I figured that was where dinner was, so I opened the door and walked inside.

"Erin!" Olive exclaimed, running towards me. "You made it."

Against a wall was a long table covered in food. Roast beef, gravy, steamed carrots, barbecue baked beans, mashed potatoes, salads, rolls, and fruits and veggies of all kinds. The sight and smell of the food made my stomach rumble.

Scattered around the room were circular tables with white table cloths and flowers in vases. There were plates, bowls, silverware, and cups at each seat. Seated at the tables were about 10 people who stood when I walked in. Then an older man walked towards me. He had wispy grey hair and kind orange eyes.

"Welcome, Erin." He declared. "I am Cadmar, but you may call me Mr. C"

"Nice to meet you, Mr. C," I answered.

"Come," Mr. C said, leading me to a round table at the front of the foom. "Sit and enjoy this feast."

"Thank you." Then I sat down and the room was filled with the joyful sound of friends talking and laughing. At once I knew this was their home, and I felt more at home here, with them, than I had ever felt in my entire life!

"Rumble!!!" My stomach demanded. Man, I am starving! I thought to myself.

I stood up and followed my nose up to the table filled with food; then I started piling the delicious food onto my plate. As I was walking back towards my seat the boy I saw on the balcony bumped into me! My amazing mashed potatoes, beans, and roast beef spilled all over me! The boy was still wearing his stained clothes and hadn't brushed his hair yet, but now I saw his mischievous brown eyes.

"Sorry!" He apologized. But instead of accepting his apology, I took a wad of mashed potatoes in my hand and threw it at him! He ducked, and the potatoes hit a blonde-haired girl with sky blue eyes instead!

The girl down at her mashed potato covered shirt, then at the boy with angry eyes. She then took a lump of mashed potatoes from her plate and chucked it at him. Everyone stopped talking and stared, as the mashed potatoes hit him right smack in the face. The boy laughed as he uncovered his eyes.

"Food fight!" He shouted and threw his roll at someone nearby.

Then it began, food went flying everywhere! Carrots, peas, and corn were catapulted into the air by spoons. Rolls were thrown from every direction. Mashed potatoes stuck to everything like glue. All sorts of fruit dyed elemental's clothing all the colors of the rainbow and barbeque baked beans were splattered all over the floor, walls, and ceiling. The entire room was in complete chaos. Well, maybe not the entire room.

Olive was still seated in her chair reading a book, completely ignoring the chaos around her. Until Mitchell threw a hand full of mashed potatoes at her. It landed on the top of her head!

Olive stood and glared in the direction the potatoes had come from, and standing there was Mitchell. "Mitchell!" She shouted as she took a spoonful of beans off her plate, bent the bowl of the spoon back, aimed, then she let go. The beans flew across the room until they were intercepted by Mitchell's face.

Olive laughed as she watched Mitchell wipe the beans off his forehead, and he smiled back.

Mitchell was about to throw a roll back to her, but Mr. C then entered the room. "STOP!!!" He shouted, and the room was silent. "Look at this mess you've made!" he continued. "Now All of you must clean this up!"

"Ug!" Everyone groaned.

"Now!" Mr. C ordered. Then he walked out of the room muttering under his breath something like, "Those kids." and "When will they ever learn?"

Sluggishly everyone stood up, wiped the food off their faces, and made their way to a cleaning supply closet. After everyone got their brushes, rags, brooms, mops, sponges, or bucket of soapy water we started to clean.

When I got down on my hands and knees, I began to scrub the floor with a bristle brush. Soon a small puddle formed and grew the more I scrubbed, soon the puddle was the size of a normal-sized pizza. As I was scrubbing a figure appeared in the puddle. It was foggy and unclear at first, but it slowly became clearer and clearer. Eventually, I could see it like I was looking through glass. I could see a girl. She had reddish-brown shoulder-length hair, brown eyes, and was wearing a plain T-shirt with shorts. She looked distressed and scared. I was confused at what I was seeing. Just then an ink-black cloud came up behind her. The girl mouthed the words "Help me!" as the cloud engulfed her. Then the water went back to its original state.

"Hey Olive?" I asked, still looking at the water. When I received no answer I repeated looking over my shoulder, "Hey Oli..." I stammered. "Holy guacamole!"


The blonde girl that got hit by my mashed potatoes was hovering in the air, cleaning beans off the ceiling. Mitchell was shooting an endless stream of water out of a bucket at the wall, cleaning off the food. One guy with ink-black hair kept disappearing into the shadows and re-appearing in another shadow to mop another spot. Lee was playing a beautiful, cheerful song on his pan flute. The song he was playing was causing vines to sweep, scrub, and mop the floors; and the boy that started the food fight was tinkering with a vacuum (which I later learned that he was trying to make it go faster). There were so many things going on around me that I didn't know which way to look! In about 20 minutes the entire room was spotless. Then we put away our cleaning supplies and headed to bed.


When I got back to my room I showered, then got into bed. As I was laying in bed, I thought about the girl in the puddle until I slowly fell into a deep sleep.



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