What He Said To Her.

He said to her, "He needs your love. Are you willing to love him?"
Her answer was unexpected.

Author's note

This story is dedicated to my friend, Ellie_xo. Thank you for being such an awesome person, the world needs more people like you! x

2. Cryptic Notes

The sky got a little gloomier, the clouds got several shades of grey darker, the wind a little more desperate and the rain became a heavier downpour of tears. The general atmosphere surrounding him became sullen. 

He didn't care what the weather was doing. All he was aware of, was the fact his best friend had left - without saying goodbye. Was he really worth that little to her?

All his questions had no answers. 

What had caused her to leave? Had he been that much of a bad friend? Was anyone sure of her whereabouts?

What do I do? What do I do? 

The clouds only grew darker as he pondered over his now missing friend.

It was some time later when he remembered that Cal had given him a package and a note. Apprehension and a whole lot of fear took over his being. Was he ready to read the first clue, that would lead to solving the mystery of his running friend? 

No. He wasn't.

The small pristine envelope with his name formed on the front seemed to mocking him, as his fingers slowly reached for it,  the nervousness was hardly dissipated. Seconds turned into days as he began to peel back the seal. By the time the note had been removed, his hands were shaking uncontrollably. He had never felt like this before - ever.

The small piece of paper was folded in half. As soon as that one sheet was open, his eyes were free to scan over the words composed to either make or break.

There was no escaping the inevitable. It was like the rest of the world had been shut out. There was only him, the note and his thoughts.



You said to me, 'He needs your love. Are you willing to love him?'

I said to you, 'How can I love another, when one man already holds my heart in the palm of his hand?'

It wasn't the answer that you were expecting, that was clear. Bewilderment and questions at that stage had flooded across your face.

In answer to one, you are looking but not actually seeing. Open your damn eyes. Please.

Cal and I could never be anything more then friends.

I happened to reach my breaking point. When you begin to see again, maybe, just maybe, I could think to return.

Forever in my heart and mind.

Love, Fran x


What didn't make him feel any better was reading the image sent from Cal, of the letter that he had received.

It started the same way as his.


What broke him further was what came next.

You know the reason why I left. 

Cal knew. He knew she was hurting. He kept it a secret from me. Why?

Please help me to make Ash feel just a little better (hopefully), by giving him the item that I left upon my bed...

A glimpse of a small smile passed across his lips as he thought about how typical it was of her, to be concerned about his feelings.

It should shed light on the happenings, if he hasn't already figured it out.

What the hell does she mean by that? His frustration was evident as he struggled yet again to understand another part of her cryptic letter. 

Please don't let the distance lead to the end of our friendship, and please, please make sure that Ash understands this.

One day we will find each other again, whether it be fate or...

Love, Fran x

His heart hurt. No, it didn't hurt, it was numb. It started beating slower. His hands stopped shaking. He became stiffer then a corpse. Realisation washed over him as he got an inkling of an idea why she left. 

It couldn't be. It didn't make sense. Yet, maybe it did. 

The parcel has been temporarily forgotten. He had far greater things to dwell upon.



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