Ultimate Predator

Because Love tastes like claws, Sex and murder....


2. Part 2



Alexander was tall in height. Lean, broad shoulders and always flashed a mischievous grin whenever a pretty girl walked by. His jet black hair is always combed over into a short cropped pompadour which highlighted his distinct facial features: a strong and defined jawline, a dark pair of large eyebrows which sat above his hazelnut eyes which when reflected at a ninety-three angle into the sunlight looks like two swirling pools of honey. A vibrant green tattoo of a snake slithered down from the back of his neck and around onto the front of his body, snaking its way onto his chest and possibly further down. That wasn't the only snake I was interested in. Watching him stroll out of the University gates, I peer from side to side to see if anyone else was keeping an eye on me which proves to be a daily routine. One of the many struggles of being a popular girl. I would always have to wait to be the last one to leave the building so that on the way home I wouldn't be ambushed by a flock of horny and desperate teens. The sun was dropping from the sky, as if gravity was willing it to collapse to the earth and let the winter nights preside over the next hours. It would get darker soon now that winter was approaching. And colder too. My phone began to ring, vibrating in the back pocket of my tight, black skirt that seemed to show off my curves in spectacular fashion. Standing in the corridor, for the first time on my own that day, I leaned against a locker and fixed my gaze onto the monotonous grey floor, raising my smartphone to my ear and answering it. It was unusual for anyone to actually call me but I was curious to who it was, how they had caught hold of my number and why they were calling me.

'' Hello?'' My puzzled voice spoke, probably for the for the first time ever appearing to sound slightly nervous.

'' Is this Shade?'' A male's voice asked. His voice was deep and gruff and he sounded as of he was forty years old.

'' Yes. But you sound too old for me so bye''

'' You are going to die soon.'' He said just before I could hang up.

'' Wait.... What?''

'' You heard me''

''Is this some sort of fucking prank? Go piss off''

'' I'm serious''

'' Oh and I don't think you're god''

'' No. But I'm coming to kill you'' and with that, he ended the call.

My heart stopped and I began to feel myself go dizzy. How was he planning to kill me? And worse,  would he take my jacket off me before I die? I don't want to die without my jacket. I love it too much. The leather kissed my soft skin and tenderly caressed it giving me an endless supply of comfort. Yes, I admit, it puts my boobs on display ( especially the fact that I keep the zip slightly open from the top) and it may give me a slutty look, but I don't dress to impress anyone. There are some pretty sexy boys in GrandWood University but no one can tempt me enough. Besides, I'm not looking to get AIDS anytime soon. My fingers trembled vigorously but I quickly regathered by composure and buried them deep into the pockets of my jacket, brushing off the phone call as some sort of immature prank. It must be...


Four O'clock and the Earth was blindfolded by the familiar but eerie black fabric of darkness.  Fuelled by an untamed hunger, I rush home, sprinting and dodging past crowds of strangers. What a sight I must have been! Dashing through the hustling British streets, my skirt lifting itself even higher due to my momentum, gravity dragging my zip even further towards the ground, betraying me and baring my nipples at one point, as I slither past sweaty and tired bodies. Despite the density of people, I hardly ever bumped into anyone. I'm not clumsy. I never have been. My agile body was not slowed down despite having to squeeze through every crack of space available. Calculating the distance to my home, I should have gotten there within twenty minutes, but when I turned onto my street, Scarlet was rushing towards me, her short blonde hair was whipped into her face by the wind but I could tell she was crying....







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