Ultimate Predator

Because Love tastes like claws, Sex and murder....


1. Part 1



They said I had the claws of a leopard. The teeth of a vampire. The anger of a tiger. The eyes of an eagle. They are right, but do you want to know the funniest thing? They don't know. They don't know my mind is a twisted disease, oozing with the ugliest poison to have ever come into existence, my heart is a stone-cold rock, pumping the monster blood that I possess in my body and my lust for the taste of blood. I guess one could say I was inhumane. Living in the shadows of my small apartment, I never leave the crippling building. My years of studying animalistic behaviour, psychology,  and science has come to an end. I am the product of my own experiment. Everyone thinks I'm dead. Its been five years since my 'disappearance' but to say I have vanished is a mistake. Instead, I prefer the verb 'evolved'. What I have discovered could be the next revolution for the scientific world. My eyes once again scan the room. Four walls holding in the darkness that swallows the empty space, a small bed placed neatly on the left of the rotting door, it's sheets ripped and wounded by claw marks. The pungent perfumes of human blood, death and decaying corpses wafted their way into my nostrils. A predatory instinct inside me switched on. I clamber near the only window, the only source of light, but even light itself struggles to weave and meander its way into my den. My feet scamper over piles of bodies. What could have been doctors, nurses, teachers, engineers or lawyers have fallen prey to my monstrous tendencies. Although, I hardly consume what I kill. I kill for the fun of it. Thanks to my help, the population of Birmingham has dropped by almost fifty percent. Accusations of bears, tigers,leopards, wolves and hyenas for being the attackers has become common, but the victims never live to confirm these claims. The authorities believe they are dealing with an overwhelming number of wild species. But even worse- they are dealing with me, and they don't know it. I cackle to myself, peering from my window as the last of the residents slip into their houses. Its 01:00 am. The street is narrow and it is the middle of November, gusts of wind dance along with the last of the lonely leaves and an eerie silence strangles the street, suffocating it as I decide to make my move. The devil's playground. My hunting grounds. My territory. With a slight push, I ease off enough pressure to open the window gently. My flexibility that I have been granted allows me to slither under the miniscule gap and I land carefully on the exterior windowsill. My body is armed with the most luxurious coat of black fur, tipped with golden strands on my tail. When spread out entirely, my wingspan can stretch out to a whopping eight metres in length. Ears that swivel one hundred and eighty degrees, eyesight that captures the smallest sense of movement from over four miles away, a sense of smell unlike anything else in the animal kingdom and last but not least, my nine inch claws and canines finish the design. I have also other features that I must be obliged not to boast. Poisonous saliva, muscle over twice the strength of a grown man and an uncanny sixth sense. I'm the ultimate predator. Its humorous to think that only five years ago I was just an ordinary human teenager.....  


Everyone watched in awe as she strolled through the corridors with an air of passion and confidence. She was beautiful and reckless. She was different from most nineteen year old girls. Wearing a pink skirt that hung way above her knees, she was known to challenge the University's code of conduct. Hair as black as night flowed in a gorgeous fashion, decorated with a wavy appearance that reached down to her lower back which was complimented by a single leather jacket, studded with diamonds around the edges and giving her an overall edgy 'rebel' look. No doubt she was topless under that jacket. She had left the zip open just enough so one could see that the jacket was the only thing covering her up. Not only did it grab many of the boys' attention, she cleverly used this tactic to prevent any members of staff from asking her to remove it. Her lips were shaped so perfectly that she could have made the most professional of models feel self-conscious they were plump, held a distinctive shade of deep red and had a natural smooth 'curve' to each edge as a 'final touch.' Her seductive  physique was to die for, and yes , every inch of her was enchanted with the most extreme cases of  allurement, but it was her eyes that really fascinated me. A striking pair of amber eyes that held all the burning fire of the sunset within them. It is difficult to believe she has never had a boyfriend. She is always the 'hot topic' of conversations but it was her game of 'hard to get' that drew people towards her. An unexplained magnetism that captures anyone who even looks at her, yet she dismisses them so easily, it is actually quite frightening. I found myself holding my breath as she walked past. I was late for my lecture as it was, and so were the majority of the people in the corridor, yet we were all willing to sacrifice our limited time for education just to have one more glance of her. Someone brave called her name from behind me.

'' Shade!''

She turned around. Everyone was now staring at a short, stocky guy, who wore clothing that was obviously much too large for him.

'' What do you want Jones?'' she responded, her voice laced with slight impatience as she flicked her hair over her shoulder.

'' I....err.... you wanna help me with my project?'' He made a mistake calling her in front of everyone, and the shakiness in his voice signalled that he was aware of this.

Shade huffed, popped a piece of pink chewing gum in her mouth and stared intently at him. Those striking orange eyes held everyone's breathing captive. Her fingers found themselves at the metal zip of her jacket and she tugged downwards slightly to reveal more skin but she made it look unintentional. Almost subconscious. The awkward silence was interrupted by the shrieking of the bell, where Shade turned on the balls of her feet and put everyone behind her back as she walked towards the end of the corridor and past the double doors that lead in the direction of a chemistry lab . Once she was gone,all the students began fretting over their lack of punctuality to lessons and lectures. The familiar buzz of life, conversations and gossip filled the air once more and I was pushing past bodies to  try and reach my destination- the toilets. I would rather sit on a toilet seat and play on my phone for two hours than awkwardly attend a lecture late. Only problem was that the toilets were situated on the top floor which meant I had to get past swarms of students to reach the corridor's staircase. It was like going through a walking hurricane. People were pushing and shoving without considering anyone else's personal space and all of a sudden the world became a hot, sweaty and claustrophobic mess, spiralling out of control as everyone fought through their own way to make it to wherever they were intending to go. Eventually I broke out of the crowds and gasped for air, so grateful that I had made it out of a human storm surge for the sixth time that day. Sprinting up the stairs, I turned towards the boys toilets and entered the middle cubicle. The first and third one were both occupied. The toilets here are insanely cleaner compared to other Universities in our area. I sat on the cold seat and gave a big sigh of relief only to be disturbed by a deafening sound of someone passing gas in the first cubicle to my left. Someone in the cubicle to my right began to laugh and I let out my own chuckle which was sprinkled with a feeling of disgust. My phone lit up as soon as I switched it on. Its screen was ice cold and smooth and I stared at my reflection. Mobile phones always make great mirrors. I probably spent about fifteen minutes organising my hair, which is a bizarre thing to do if you are sitting on a toilet, missing out on your 'educational' lectures, and trying to wait the two hours out without getting caught but oh well. You only live once, right? After I was done using my fingers as a comb to direct my hair into a 'pompadour' style, I flicked through twitter. Not surprised to see this on my feed:

Scarlet456 tweeted: Not to mention how @Shade.xoxo  was the beauty queen once again. Love ya sis xx


Fredrick.034.ioop tweeted: Sksksks dying at how @Shade.xoxo absolutely DESTROYED jones today sksksks she broke him down by just saying nothing. And ioop! btw love her metal zip! so glad it aint a plastic one SKSKSKS #SaveTheTurtles sksksks


GingerBeer tweeted: Had a dream where @Shade.xoxo were having some fun ;) twas a very wet one ;) #WhoNeedsASugarDaddy


Shade.xoxo tweeted: @Scarlet456  @Fredrick.034,ioop  @Gingerbeer   Guys honestly shut the fuck up, I'm in a lecture and my phone vibrating like crazy! (LY2 THOUGH SIS xx)


GingerBeer tweeted: @Shade.xoxo won't be the only thing vibrating tonight ;)


Scarelet456 tweeted: @GingerBeer Tommy! Stop. You stink! Theres no way @Shade.xoxo would drop her standards for you. You can't even penetrate yourself into the top tier of students. No possible way you could pleasure any girl at all with ur lil one incher. Leave my sis alone


Twitter was always full of people gossiping about Shade. She has the most following too, from our University that is. Scarlet, her best friend, is also quite popular. I scrolled downwards to notice I wasn't the only one 'truanting' from lectures. Within ten minutes, everyone's twitter feed was full of the new 'update' about the situation between Shade and Jones in the corridor. It looks as if a dozen students or so were in the toilets on different floors , busy tweeting about it. I don't usually tweet, but I decided to respond to Hunter, my best friend, who mentioned me in his own tweet which for once was actually not about Shade at all.


H_unter tweeted: Where tf is @Alexand.er ??? Bro Im taking a nice big shit in cubicle three on bottom floor. Ur missing out


You Tweeted: @H_unter  WTF ewww. stfu. Glad someone is talking bout something other than Shade tho, even tho its ur shit u are publicly talking about.


H_unter tweeted: WHAT?!?! Its public!? Shoot! so the whole world knows about my shit? I thought I private messaged u ffs @Alexand.er 


I laughed to myself quietly and time passed as him and I messaged each other privately through text messages instead of using twitter. I had turned off my WIFI to prevent any notifications from buzzing off as I couldn't go two minutes without twitter telling me someone had tweeted about Shade, yet again. Now that I think of it, I don't understand why everyone is so highly obsessed with her. I get it: she is hot, different and intelligent but that cannot be it. There is just something about her that I couldn't pinpoint. What was it? Shrugging to myself, I let go of the thought and decided to switch off my phone, no doubt that I would go home to Hunter's spamming text messages about me 'ignoring' him. 

Pins and needles began to ambush my upper thigh as I stood up, off the toilet seat after two hours. I looked at my watch as it read three o'clock. That was my day at University done. I carefully unlocked the cubicle and stepped out to admire the view of water running all over the tiled floor, toilet paper hung lifelessly from the ceilings. I shook my head. I was probably too drawn into my phone to notice the daily water fights kick off. A University is supposed to educate adults I thought- but it was more like swarms of drama whores, drug dealers and sluts.....






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