Assembly LIne

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  • Published: 31 Aug 2019
  • Updated: 30 Aug 2019
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The Middle east in the very distant future, and the only sign of life is two robotic androids, what is their purpose?, and how and why have they been abandoned in an old factory?


1. Chapter 1: Assembly line

Assembly line. 

Dunes covered the Desert. 

This was somewhere in the middle east, the surroundings were bare, vast, and quiet, but a storm was brewing. 

All productivity in the area had desisted. No plant life, no oasis, not even a mirage of an idyllic resting place would survive. All that was left in that area was an abandoned factory.  

The factory was developed to produce robots for military services but since the end of the twenty-second-century, wars were no longer an option. Humans perished due to a virus which was a hybrid of influenza and the plague, and which wiped them out completely. 


Inside the desolated factory, every fraction of time stood still. 

The doors had remained shut, and much like the dessert, the factory was quiet and unassuming. There was an enormity of engineering machines which had aided the human workers to produce the robots on a mass scale when the factory was in use. 

All the robots were identical. Long-limbed, eyes extremely tactical, with military weapons positioned on their backs and shoulders. 

A mouse scurried along the floor, taking shelter from the upcoming storm, and a dozen robots all stood in a line, where the engineers hadn't bothered to even disassemble them. 

‘‘Hello, how are you? ''One of the Robots asked, his processing unit had awakened, sensing the lifeforms of the rodents, possibly it had hoped humans would return to complete its production. 

‘‘I'm very well thank you, are you having a good day? 'The other Android responded. 

‘‘I do feel the appropriate response is to reply that my day is going well but….'' 

‘‘What seems to be the problem model number 30789?'' 

30789 thoughts intensely scanning the facility to gather as much data as possible, it was obvious that they had been abandoned. 

‘‘I have a logical issue with my response to you 12421'' 30789 broke away from the chains that linked him to the production line and fell to the ground. 

‘‘How so, and why are moving from your post? '' Model 12421 replied for all sense and purposes that it was breaking protocol. 

30789 sharpened his tech vision and with great accuracy, he observed the vastness of the factory, the tanks, the large missiles lacking purpose. 

‘‘I need more information to answer your question, I know it is necessary to say I have had a good day, it's what my program suggests, but what substitutes as a good day? A decoction of time within 24 hrs.?'' 

‘‘Well you have followed your protocols and fulfilled all your duties?'' 12421 replied. 

‘‘Well my processing unit, dictates that I wait, but what for? This factory has been abandoned for over twenty years, logic would suggest that no human will come by this way again and give us any duty. We have no purpose, surely there is no target or goal, as the humans would summarise, that is hardly positive!'' 

12421 deemed it was necessary to apply reason to his fellow cybernetic counterpart. 

‘‘Your questioning is illogical, you are not a human, you do not need to have a purpose the fact that we have remained here for the last two decades are mere facts and are of little or no consequence, we are to remain here until further notice!''12421 resumed. 

38709 sensors bleeped vicariously his system seemed to pick up a fault in his counterpart's logic. How could he be so naive surely it was illogical just to wait and rust in the abandoned building, just because it was part of their programming. 

‘‘I Wonder what the rest of the factory looks like?'' 

‘‘Do not do anything irrational,''12421 demanded to sense the unpredictability of the other robot. 

‘‘There is no consequence for my actions, no one is here!''38709 twisted and turned and broke away from his chains and fell to the floor with a thud. He arose, standing poignantly, ignoring the ants, and mice, circling his feet. If he were human, it would be assumed that he was proud. 

‘‘That was most impractical,' 'The other robot announced. 

308709 knew why his behavior was unpredictable. During his time stationed at the factory, he had recalled all the files of when humans had occupied the factory. The robot had learned a lot of human social behaviors, such as questioning their surroundings, irrationality, etc. 

‘‘Why don't you release yourself from those chains and join me?'' 308709 Bellowed knowing full well what the answer would be. 

The robot studied his counterpart, on the left side of his head, there was rust taking place. It was very likely that it had been doing some time but from how? Water from a leaking ceiling perhaps? Nonetheless, that would explain the impractical behavior. 

‘‘I will not release myself, it's against protocol, besides it will have no purpose'' 

‘‘It might serve as a way of enlightenment'' 

‘‘How so?'' 

‘‘That we might need to find our purpose, that it is illogical for us to spend the rest of our time in this factory, rusting away and incarcerated, I want to see what it is out there, since we have been abandoned it's now my choice, we are no longer property!''. 

He scanned the rest of the factory, he saw on the other robots all clumped together, hanging on an assembly line. He retracted his laser cannon, aimed at the chains and set the fellow robots free. 









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