Sev7n Devils

After the death of one of their fellow classmates, 7 students find themselves closer to the truth then they'd like. Will their secrets get out, or will they take them to the grave?


3. Two

(Elliot's POV) 

I watched as all four of my friends stood and walked out of the class. I could feel my anxiety spike as every single scenario goes through my head. The majority of which were negative. I  wait a few minutes before raising my hand to ask to go to the bathroom. I can feel my throat tighten and the teacher paused to think about her answer. She eventually says yes and allows me to leave. I stand and almost run to the door, feeling my heart quicken its pace. I try and urge myself to calm down once in the hallway. The others have most likely made it to the principals office already and there's nothing I can do to change that, so I wait a few doors down from the main office. I sit down with my head between my legs and try and focus on calming my breathing. 

As I am catching my breath, I feel someone's presence hovering over me. I look up, ready to explain myself, when I realize it is only Emerson. "You look just as bad on the outside as I feel on the inside." She says laughing a bit at the end. I look at her like she's an idiot and say, "Why would they call all four of them down. Micah doesn't talk to anyone besides Julien and I, Kinsey is an idiot and Nick tries to avoid me like the plague." At that, Emerson bursts into laughter. "If I were a betting woman, I would bet that it is you who is avoiding him and not the other way around." I blush at her statement and try to change the subject, "Do you think it's about..." I feel myself cut off the sentence short, knowing that Emerson knows exactly what I am talking about. "I'm not sure, but let's not jump to any conclusions. It's probably nothing. They're most likely in there because Julien did something idiotic and they all speak to him on a day to day basis. Now let's go before the bell-" Before her sentence ends, the bell blares. I smile and agree, saying goodbye and heading back to class, grabbing my things and leaving for my next class. The rest of my day went by uneventful.

I walked out of my last period without seeing any of the others. I gripped my jacket a tad bit tighter, feeling anxious as I started my walk home. As I walked, I started thinking about that night. All the events leading up to it. Everything that has happened since. Nick and I used to be closer than anyone at the bullshit school that is Oakview. We used to share every class last year, ran track together, and were over each other's house more often then not. After that night, I just couldn't look at Nick the same. I couldn't look at anyone the same. We all took part in something horrible. We all killed Toby, rather it be by association or not, and we all just pretended that nothing happened. As far as the police know, he was kidnapped, never to be heard from again. But we all know exactly where he is. I've been having nightmares about it.

That's actually how my friendship with Micah started. About 3 months ago, I was awoken in the middle of the night by a night terror and meant to call Nick, but accidentally called Micah. Instead of getting mad, he insisted on coming over and comforting me. He's kind of like a big brother to me. He always makes sure that I'm comfortable in any situation and helps keep me calm. I finally make it to my house and look down at my phone before entering my house, seeing that I have received two text messages. One from Micah and one from Nick. I ignore the latter and open Micah's message. 'I need you to meet me at my house at 8. We all will be there. It's important.' I feel my breath hitch as I know exactly what is happening. We weren't smart enough. We weren't thorough enough. They found something and now we're going to pay for it. 

I try and calm my nerves and walk into my house. Deciding to head to Micah's early, I get changed into something more comfortable and leave my house. I still feel my nerves on edge, but I know that once I talk to Micah I will calm down. I make it to his house in 10 minutes and walk into his house without knocking. A bad habit of mine that started about a month ago. I walk up the stairs to the relatively quiet house and wonder if he is even home. I start up the stairs and realize he is by the shoes that look to be kicked off on 2 separate stairs. I chuckle and continue up the stairs. Once on the second floor, I walk to his door and pause, hearing music playing. I laugh at the song and open the door without a second thought. 

I freeze in the doorway as I try to register what is happening. Julien is sitting in Micah's lap, with only his underwear on. It takes a moment for them to stop kissing and realize that someone has entered the room. Once they do, a completely nude Micah, shoves Julien off of him and moves to cover himself up with his blanket. I mutter a sorry and walk out of the room and immediately run down the stairs, out of the house. I can feel how red my face is and laugh loudly at how ridiculous that entire situation just was. I take a moment, then decide to run to Nick's house, seeing that we need to fix whatever is broken in our friendship. I have been missing him and Emerson is right; I have been avoiding him. With that, I start jogging to his house, trying to get as much distance between the near sex scene I just witnessed. 

I make it to Nick's house and finally open his text. 'Hey, I need to talk to you. It's important. I've been missing my best friend.' It was now about an hour since the message was sent. I text him that I'm at the front door and about 20 seconds later, it opens. "Hey, I got your text. Can I come in?" I ask. He smiles and steps out of the way, letting me in. I smile at him and walk inside. We go up into his room. I sit on his bed and wait for him to start talking. He sits on the opposite side of the bed for a few minutes before deciding to speak. "Something is happening and the police are starting to suspect it has something to do with us." Nick says quietly. I wouldn't have heard him if his television was on or music was playing, but Nick isn't the type to listen to music as often as others. 

"What happened today?" I asked nervously. I could see the fear in his eyes as he looked at me and continued. "Someone told the police that Toby was at the party. They said that the same person told them that we were all in a room together and then we left and Toby wasn't there anymore. I know it sounds bad, but we never texted each other that night. There's no paper trail leading back to us. Any time any of us talked about it, we talked in person. That was one of the rules. Everyone knows that. We'll be okay." Nick says. I feel myself start to get angry, "You don't know that Nick! You told me that earlier that night and look where that landed us! I told you that I didn't want to be involved! I told you this wasn't me! This whole situation fucked me over so much! I have nightmares, Nick. Nightmares that are real. Nightmares that I can't wake up from." I yell. 

He walks over to me and pulls me into his lap, hugging me. "I know, I'm sorry. This is my fault. I should've listened to you. You should've never been a part of this and I'll never forgive myself for involving you." I pull away from the hug, feeling tears slide down my face. "I know you didn't mean to, but it happened and I'm willing to look past that, because I miss my best friend." I say, looking into his eyes, so he knows I mean what I'm saying. He gives me this weird look for a moment, then slowly leans towards me. 

Before my brain processes what is happening, I feel his lips on mine. They're a lot softer than I would expect. Without thinking, I close my eyes and start to kiss him back. He slowly begins to lay on the bed, with me on top of him, and pulls me closer. My brain starts to process what is happening and I feel torn. On one hand I love Nick more than anyone in the world, but on the other hand, I'm unsure if it's a platonic love or not. He's very attractive and has a heart of gold, but... Well I guess there is no but. 

After a few minutes, I break the kiss to catch my breath. "Um, wow" is all that comes from Nick, after he catches his own breath. I nod in understanding and agreement, "Yeah, that was something." I say laughing, "I knew you always had a crush on me, Nicky, I just didn't know you would have it in you to do something about it." He looks at me with a deer caught in the headlights and says, "You knew?! But how? When? Who?" I laugh even harder and say, "A little birdy named Emerson might have told me a few months before all of that other stuff went down." 

He looks happy, then annoyed and says, "I'm gonna get that girl one of these days."  I smile and say, "Why would you do that? If she wouldn't have told me, I wouldn't have known and most likely would've been too scared to do this." I push him back onto the bed and kiss him softly. He smiles and grabs my waist, steadying me. We make out for about an hour and then decide to take a break. I smile down at him as he looks up at me looking like he's going to cry. "What the matter?" I ask out of concern. "Nothing, I just have liked you for a long time and I just didn't think that this day would ever happen." I smiled and then cuddled my body next to his, hugging him tightly. 

A while later, I wake up and it is now dark outside. I turn my head to his alarm clock that now reads, '8:12'. I mumble a curse word under my breath and shake Nick awake. "We need to get to Micah's. He wanted everyone there at 8." Nick looks around confused for a moment then looks at the clock. "Fuck." He says then slowly gets up out of bed. "We can take my car if you want." He says smirking. "Your dad would kill you if he found out that you took HIS second car and called it yours." His smirk grew smaller as my words hit him, "Well we're taking it anyway." I look at him and roll my eyes, walking down to the garage, leaving him scrambling to put his shoes on. Once in the living room, I slide my crocs on and walk out to the car, sliding into the passengers seat.

After a few minutes of getting ready to leave, leaving, and getting to Micah's house, we finally arrive. I walk into his house without thinking of knocking, surprising Nick. "Are you coming?" I ask, as I start walking up the stairs without waiting for an answer. Once at the top of the stairs, Nick finally caught up to me. I smile at him and hold his hand in mine. I open the door to Micah's room and immediately everyone inside stops talking. I look around and everyone besides Noah and Micah have similar looks on their faces. I look over to Noah and see him looking up to Nick with hurt all over his face. I look at Nick confused and then turn to Micah. He looks extremely annoyed.

I turn to sit on the bed, beside Micah, with Nick sitting on the other side of me. "Sorry we're late. Lost track of time" I say sheepishly. "Sure you did." Noah says. I look at him confused before Micah speaks, "Well, I was just telling everyone that they are going to start questioning us soon and we need to be ready for anything that they ask." Suddenly Kinsley stands saying, "This is stupid. Do you know how hard it was for me to lie again?! I'm not going through this again! I can't!" She says. Noah hugs Kinsley in comfort, sitting her back down. "It's fine Kins. We got through this before, we can do it again." As everything goes on, Nick holds my hand tighter comforting me. I look at Kinsley, giving her a comforting smile as i think 'if our future depends on Kinsley, I might as well send myself to jail.'



A/N Hey everyone! Part 2 is complete! Hope you like it!

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