The North Star (Sci-fi love story)

We thought the aliens weren't real...


1. the prologue

Luke’s P.O.V:


There is an explosion. Was it her? It can’t be…


            I stand there dumbstruck, gun in hand, and eyes wide with shock. The chair where she used to sit is empty. Smoke fills the air and guards are coughing all around. I look to my left and I see nothing but injured men in uniform. On my right, there’s a hole in the wall.

            I walk towards it in a rush, dangerous and worrisome thoughts running through my mind. What just happened? Did she just leave out of nowhere? After all, they did say she is what started the virus…

“Hey, soldier boy,” a very strong female voice scolds from behind, “If I were you, I wouldn’t turn around.”

            I turn around and see a short-haired girl with tan skin. She grins and whacks me in the face with a chair. I lose my balance and drop my gun, falling to my knees. She runs over and pins my arm behind my back, twisting it.

“Ow!” I yelp. She twists harder.

“What did you do with my friend?!” she shouts into my ear, her spit even spurting everywhere.

“What friend?!” I shout back at her. She twists my arm once again.

“The girl you had at gunpoint that was sitting in that chair,” her voice sounds more scolding, she’s not scared, she’s determined.

“I – I don’t know!”

“You’re lying.”

“I’m not!”

“She was just here, where is she?!”

            The aggressive girl grabs my other arm and pulls me into standing position, still having my arms behind my back. She cuffs them together with the handcuffs that used to be around the girl’s wrists. As hard as I try to break free, she’s too strong – it’s like she’s inhuman.

            She shoves me to the ground and looks around, her eyes are different this time. Her eyes are glowing in the color blue. As she continues to scan, she finally faces me and cocks her head as if she found something.

“What? You find her inside my body or something?” I joke and scoff a bit.

            Without answering, she steps closer and crouches. Our faces are so close, I can see all of her inhuman features. She looks at me and shakes her head in annoyance.

“Luna, show yourself.”

            I’m thinking this short-haired girl is crazy. She looks beside me and there she is. The girl. I gasp in horror and scoot away from her. Her hand was on my wrist. How did she do that? How did she just show up out of nowhere? Wouldn’t I feel her body touch mine?

“What the hell are you guys? What were you doing in my body?!” I eyeball them both in shock and horror. What has the world come to?

“We don’t have time for games Luna –“The short-haired girl scolds her, “You really sat there and let him point a gun at you.”

            Who does this girl think she is? She doesn’t even know me. How does she know I was going to shoot her?

“He wasn’t going to shoot me, Star,” Luna stands on her feet and peers down at me. I feel a trickle of sweat run down my face.

“I saw him about to shoot you-“ The girl known as Star is interrupted.

“He’s not like the others,” Luna says, kneeling next to me. She cups my chin – her hands so delicate.

            Luna’s eyes glow a goblin green while her hand cups my chin. I gulp and blink in confusion. At first, I was scared. I was scared of Star especially – which I still am – but, something about Luna just clicks…

“He’s different.”

            Her eyes snap back to a metallic black. Just like that, another bomb happened not too far away. Not too far away and just in the southern part of camp – my area of camp where my three best friends are located.


A/N: This story has been planned for 4 years and has slowly evolved over time!



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