The love of my life

The only way to say what I see is by writing what I feel. I hope you like it. My first book in movellas. I might do requests just send me a message.


1. She doesn't believe in Fairytales

It is my nature to be neutral

But know this I am truthful

I know this girl that doesn't believe in fairy tales

Yet she prevails

Once she did believe

But back then she was naive

She is not shy

But no one listens when she says hi

They call her a nerd

But she is unheard

Yes most time she has a frown

Because she is scared to be turned down

She gives you her friendship

You should pay attention

She is no perfection

She is the most unique piece of art

Why do you have to bite a poison apple

To find your knight in shining armor

She listens to her heart

She is no Wonder girl

But she will give this world a swirl

She believes in books

She doesn't care about the looks

She doesn't believe in fairy tales

That's who she is

That's how she exists

- Browneyedemonangel

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