What The Shadow Takes

I see it. It's darkness. It is cloudy darkness. An inky substance... A Shadow. Then I saw her. Emily. She was smiling and wearing a crown. It looked like it was made of light. She was a beacon of light in all of the darkness around. Then the dream changed. I heard a voice... "Let me show you the truth". Emily now had a look of evil, and her crown was now pure darkness...


2. Ky

I was walking to the bakery when I heard the scream. They were common in the village, usually because someone realized that the invisible plague had taken one of their loved ones. It always made me think of my nanny. She has been with me since birth because my parents were gone. Nanny didn’t talk about them much. I was down the street from the bakery, when a young woman ran into me. 

“Whoa! Watch where you are going,” I tell her.

 “I… I’m so sorry, so sorry… I didn’t mean for it to happen, you weren’t supposed to be gone… the shadow has taken so much from me ...” she trailed off.

     Wow. This woman was crazy. She kept talking about how someone shouldn’t be gone, that ‘the shadow’ took them? Something like that.

 “Hey, calm down. What’s the matter with you?”.

 She had brown hair and blue eyes that were filled with tears. She heard me and looked up. She seemed to realize where she was and started bawling. 

“Calm down. I don’t want to make a scene!”

     People started looking at us. She was delusional, so I grabbed her, and carried her to my home so she would calm the heck down and talk to me. Once I got to my home, I sat her down on the couch. I lived in a small home, just me. My nanny left, when I was about 16. Two years later and I still have no word from her. I looked at the girl and saw that she was asleep. Great. Just what I needed right now…

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