the girl in the back row

shawn sees u in the back row. and everything changes


2. uh oh

after i had everything packed all i had left to do was wait for allie. i turned on my summer playlist and started jamming out. soon there was a  knock on my bedroom door. before i could even answer allie was running in. she was wearing a holo skirt and platform heels. she wrapped her arms around me.

"you excited, girl?" she asked, after pulling away from the hug. she had a huge smile on her face.

i laughed. "yeah, obviously."

"well, let's go!"

we ran out to her car and got in.

"where's is it?" i ask.

"it's literally five minutes away, it's at that place downtown." she answers.

after a short car ride, we park and end up at the end of a very long line. i feel my heart drop. every single person in line is wearing a shawn mendes shirt. allie should know i hate him. i guess i never mentioned it. i mean, seriously, wasn't he a magcon boy? it wasn't until last week i even knew he and comeron dallias were different people. this is gonna be a long night.

should i tell allie? i shouldnt. i dont want to ruin her night. 

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