Do You......... Remember Me?

Ian and Asmera have the perfect lives. Boy sees girl and girl sees boy love story, but one day tragedy strikes and everything goes to hell.


2. Hold on....I still need you

Hold on.... I still need you

Asmera's PoV:

The phone call which I had received informed me about Ian's accident. Somehow I managed to reach the hospital and Ian's room. My heart broke at seeing Ian hooked up to so many machines.

The doctor walked up to me and said, "Ian met with a sort of fatal accident but right now his condition is stable. He had hit his head on the window of his car when he collided with the biker." The biker was out of danger but he too had many injuries. The doctors still weren't sure if Ian had any brain injury or not or any other internal or physical injury.

The best neurologist was going to treat Ian and I was glad to know that it was Dr. Stefan Shiba. I had heard a lot about him. I just saw him going inside with Dr. Fell.

I waited outside and silently prayed to God to not take away another person I could not live without. I had already lost Sydney quite young in life and was not ready to go through that pain ever again.

Dr. Shiba and Dr. Fell were glad to see that Ian did not have any internal bleeding or permanent damage. Now all they had to do was wait for him to wake up for further diagnosis.

I breathed a sigh of relief and got up from the chair I was sitting on and went towards both the doctors. "Ian is fine, right? Please tell me that he is alright. He is the only family I have, please tell me that he is fine." I said to them and burst into tears just at the thought of losing Ian.

Dr. Fell took my hands in her own and said, "Asmera, child Ian is fine and he will recover and wake up soon enough. Do not worry too much."

All it took for me to calm down was to hear that Ian was fine and would recover soon. I came back to my senses and thanked the doctors for their efforts. "Please can I go inside and sit beside Ian? I won't be long I promise." I asked Dr. Fell.

She looked at me with concern in her eyes and told me that I could go in but would have to come back out quickly as it might not be good for him.

I nodded and went inside to see Ian. It broke my heart to see him hooked up to so many machines and wrapped up in the bandages. I went and sat beside and held his almost fragile hand.

"Ian, do you have any idea how much you scared me? All this reminded me of the time when I lost my parents. They were in a car crash and now you are here, hooked up to all of this. You look real weak and fragile right now Ian. I know you do not like that stuff. Please wake up soon Ian, please." I said to him in a low voice.

I extracted my hand from his and left the room. Outside Dr. Fell convinced me to go back home as it would be futile for me to stay there at the hospital.

The night of Ian's accident I could only think about all the happy moments we had had together. All I wished for then was for him to wake up and be back in my arms.

I smiled as I stared at our happy faces in the photo album. I came across the photo which Mom took on the night Ian and I went out on our first date. The memory of it still makes me smile and I can still feel myself become the shy girl who was going out on her first date together.

FLASHBACK- First Date.

Ian and Asmera were going out on their first date and both of them were really nervous. Asmera had changed her clothes almost five times as she was not able to decide what to wear.

Ian had asked her out on a date and she knew that to honour Sydney's memory she had to do everything Syd has motivated Asmera to do.

She finally decided on a black faded jeans and a red crop top. She pulled half of her hair up in a bun and put on her Mom's most simple earrings and bracelet as accessory.

She glanced at her and Sydney's photo kept on her dressing table and knew that Syd would have never approved of the outfit which she was wearing for a date.

Asmera completed her look with her favourite pair of converse shoes. She went downstairs to find her Mom and Dad doting over Ian.

He had always been their favourite and they had made sure tags Asmera heard what a great guy Ian was every single day.

Her Mom clicked their picture so as to remember the day Asmera went on her first date.

Ian was taking Asmera to watch the new Marvel movie witch was up as it was what she had requested. It is quite normal for a girl to be a Marvel fan. They enjoyed the movie and then Ian took her to the lake near their town and they had the picnic dinner which Ian had prepared.

Ian was a nervous wreck thinking that she would not like the cheeseburgers and other food items he had brought. Asmera squealed in delight after seeing everything she loved in front of her.

Ian was driving them around in his classic Black Camaro. He had later taken the top of the car down and connected his phone to the radio of the car. Ian had played Asmera's then favourite song 'Kiss Me' by Ed Sheeren and they had danced to it under the moonlight and near the lake.

Ian drove Asmera back before her curfew and ended her perfect first date with the most kiss on her porch and then had wished her goodnight and had promised to meet her the next day. He ran towards his car and Asmera had watched him and his car disappear.

She had gone inside her house with a smile on her face and her fingers touching her lips.

4 Days Later.

I was at work when I received a call from the hospital saying that Ian had woken up.

I packed up my things as fast as I could and rushed to the hospital. When I entered Ian's room I coup only see a nurse there.

"Dr. Shiba will be arriving soon. Till then you can go and meet him." the nurse told me and I went to where Ian was resting.

I had a relieved smile on my face as I went to Ian. He was propped up against some pillows and he looked a bit tired and weak but was fine enough. He was alright.

Ian did not smile at Asmera in his usual loving way but he had a cocky smirk on his face. "Never knew I could scare you like that Asme. Where is Syd by the way? Aren't you two supposed to be inseparable. She should be here considering I, her favourite cousin has been in accident." Ian said to me.

The relieved smile on my face fell when he mentioned Syd. He knew that Syd would not come even if her parents were in the hospital.

"Ian, what are you talking about? You know that Syd cannot be here. How can you even say that I would not be worried about you?" I said with disturbing thoughts entering my mind.

"Oh! shut up woman. The last thing I can remember is the prank you and Syd pulled on me by giving me Oreo and Toothpaste dipped in salty chocolate. You two are inseparable then why will she not be here and you will be? I also remember that you did not like me all that much then why are you worried about my health this much?" Ian shot back at me.

I felt as if the ground had been moved from beneath my legs. The last thing that Ian remembered was of two weeks before everything in the Wilson household and my life went to hell.

Ian's last memory was of four years ago, two weeks before my best friend and sister from another mister and his cousin, Sydney, had taken her own life.

All I could say was, " You do not remember us, you do not remember."

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