Anne Boleyn

A song I wrote many years ago, about Anne Boleyn's last days.

Author's note

Listen to it here.

1. Anne Boleyn

Lay your head down on the block
Like you used to lay it on his lap
But the feeling of security and love
Is no more to find in his heart

You cry out to one who won't se you
Like he saw you when you first met
You cry to God, but he has left you too
And the angels have no tears to shed

'Cause there's no hope for you
Nor your brother or your child
'Cause not only God has left you
Him you love has left you too

The ending was very clear to see
And you've shown him only love and care
But no daughter could ever give him the
Only son he wished to be there

Your last words have been told
Your last words were whispered from your mouth
"To Jesus I commend my soul 
Lord Jesus, receive my soul"


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