❤️The Prank Date~❤️

“If sticky notes follow you around like an Invisible “string pulling random people together should that”
“sticky note even be able to be followed by a heart”.

Inuyasha works at pizza shop in New York City also he lives with his brother Koga when both there parents are dead it’s up to Inuyasha to save the Family Business also his young brother’s koga gives him a dare challenged.

Artwork cover by: Marshiyan on Tumblr

Author's note

None of theses characters belong to me for this is just a fanfic I made when I was bored.

3. chapter two

Inuyasha pov

The stoke of sun hit my face though the blinds.

I want to close them the aroma of fast food hit my nose I walked into the liveing room for Koga was sitting at the table with the new Burger King pizza.

I yawn as then got cereal from the cabinet “morning” I said to him.

“Good morning” he said back

You could hear the cars and Busy people outside the apartment building.

“Well I’m going to work” I said back to him.

Okay have fun as he was watching tv it’s looked liked Titans.

I then closed the apartment door and walked outside into the cold air.

I then opened the open the door to the pizza shop.

I then stopped again and then picked up the newpaper that was on the door mat.

It read that there be another shop opening across the street from me I signed then crumpled up the newspaper and trow it in the trash can.

I started firing up the oven and stared making the pizzas and change the closed sigh to open.

And waited for lunch time to come by I then sat at a table then pulled out some donuts that got from Dunkin’ Donuts.

Just then a wolf girl appeared in the pizza shop she liked she could be my brothers type god I hoped not.

“could I get two small sausage pizzas my

“roommate lost her boyfriend in a car

“accident today” she said.

“Is she okay?” I said back

“Well my roommate is taking it pretty hard right” “now she survived and has a few scratches and headache”.

“So I thought if I bring her a pizza and her favorite drink she would get better”

My doughnut fell out of my mouth.

“Doses this girl have black raven hair by any chance” I said

She got a little bit spooked out and her Airbuds fell to floor as there where College 11 ~ GO.

“Yes her name is Kagome she said wait how”

“do you know her” she said

She ordered here yesterday do you know what hospital she is in my thought snapped back in to Reality when I smelt smoke coming from the oven.

“Oh crap I forgot the pizza” I ran to the oven and there where black as charcoal.

I’m so sorry I will make you another one.

“Ayame my name is ayame”she said.

I put the new pizzas in the oven.

And opened the refrigerator door “what drink “doses she like” I asked her.

“Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta I got all three from “the refrigerator tell her is on the House” I said.

“But you need to pay for the pizzas” I told her

“The drinks are free”

She pays for the pizzas do you want to see her with me.

“Sure” I said back to her I closed up shopped.

It got to night time fasted as cars passed by.

We both hoped on the bus.

A few seconds of silence passed by us then we where at our destination

I kept on pushing people out the way and walked to the front desk.

Ayame looked at me liked me I was crazy.

Ayame walked to the front desk and asked if we could see Kagome.

The lady just nod her head

Me and Ayame walked in to room 205 I saw

Koga siting Behind the wall

yay the pizza here koga said grabbing a slice

“Brother what are you doing here?” I said in shocked my eyes as wide as saucers.

“I’m Ayame boyfriend ayame this is my”

“Brother inuyasha”

“We already met at the pizzeria” I said

“It’s looks like see has not woken up yet “she said

All three of us stayed the night by her side.

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