❤️The Prank Date~❤️

“If sticky notes follow you around like an Invisible “string pulling random people together should that”
“sticky note even be able to be followed by a heart”.

Inuyasha works at pizza shop in New York City also he lives with his brother Koga when both there parents are dead it’s up to Inuyasha to save the Family Business also his young brother’s koga gives him a dare challenged.

Artwork cover by: Marshiyan on Tumblr

Author's note

None of theses characters belong to me for this is just a fanfic I made when I was bored.

2. chapter one

Warnings A little bit of cussing

No one pov

The air was windy and strong like a lion fighting it’s pray people where fighting outside to get inside and through the door of

My Heart Pizzeria but the wind wasn’t having it today with people.

Inuyasha pov

Here I’m in a pizza place owned by my dead dad and mom.

Behind a cash register taking people orders

My parents died of food poisoning at least that’s my brother says I don’t trust a word that comes from out from his mouth


“Hello” a kind of voice said to me I snapped back into Reality brown eyes looking back at me .

“Hey Miss pretty brown eyes” I said in my head.

Oh crap now I cannot get that song out of my head.

I blushed a little bit

“what would you like to order?” I said to her.

“I would like your cookie pizza” She said

is that all I said back oh “And a bottle of Coke” she said back.

“Okay” I said that will be four dollars I said to her.

Kagome pov

I handed him the money he wanted there was an a electricity spark when I handed to him I snapped out of it.

“Your welcome” I said back to him.

Just then my boyfriend hojo walked in the restaurant.

The dessert was getting the ready

“Do you want to go the park for our third”

“anniversary? he said

“Sure” I said back

“Here is your cookie pizza and your coke”

there both in the bag the cashier said

“Thank you” I said back

Inuyasha Pov

“Closing time you two need to go” I said to the girl with raven hair thanks again for stopping by I said

The couple left I put my apron away closed the door put on my jacket and walked out not noticing I had a stick note on my jacket.

I got on the train home and unlocked the front door of me and my Brother’s apartment.

He was eating ramen noodles and watching a bad tv show I forgot the title of it.

Hey he paused the tv and give me bro fist

“So was work good today”he asked

“It was fine koga well I’m going to sleep”

I closed the door to my room.

I put my coat in the closet I noticed a sticky note on the floor.

I slowly picked it up to see what was written on it was Kagome name and what she ordered.

Oh crap I think I have a small crush on her.

If sticky notes follow you around like an Invisible string pulling random people together should that sticky note even be able to be followed by a heart.

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