A heart for Lily

The Christmas festival ended, maybe this evening Lily would gave him his so much wanted chance ...


Author's note

Hey it's a little bit late for a christmas story, but anyway. Have fun reading it. Another thing, I am German and this is just a translation of my German written Story 'Ein Herz für Lily'.

1. A heart for Lily

A heart for Lily

“Can I have a moment?” James asked Lily and stepped to her. The headgirl stopped at the door and turned back: “What is it? Aren’t we done here?” He nodded: “Yeah we are.” Both had tidied up the Great Hall after the Christmas festival. But this wasn’t his point. “What’s up than?”, Lily asked. She didn’t sound unamused just a little bit tired.


James started to get nervous: “I have something for you, a Christmas present.” Normally he was very self confident, but right now he wasn’t sure if he was doing the right thing. The reason for his nervousness were not only her cold looks at him until recently, but especially the fact that he had been in love with her for more than one and a half year. Lily seemed surprised: “For me?” James nodded and took another small step towards her. He smelled now her perfumer, it was a nice combination of vanilla and cinnamon.


Now he put his hand under his cloak and pulled something of and gave it to her. When their hands were touching he muttered: “For you!” While doing this he looked down, he was sure that he flushed. Something which never happened before. When he imagined how he would look from afar he had to grin lightly. If his past self would have seen him right now he would not been able to recognise himself. He was not ashamed of acting the way he did, this just showed him how much he changed since last year.


“That’s sweet!”, Lily said. She didn't sound like the girl, which were always very happy when she had ignore his past self. This time her voice had a gentle quality, which she had never used for him before. He looked now up to her hands and saw the gingerbread heart he bought for her at his last visit in Hogsmeade. On the heart was something written:


I am fond of you!


His best friend Sirius would think of this as far too kitschy, but he liked it. Lily put the heart around her neck and asked James than: “Would you like to visit the lake shortly with me?”


James nodded and so the two of them left the castle and walked down to the frozen lake. By now the snowfall had stopped and the grounds were covered under a thick blanket of snow. Through the snow every sound were attenuate. James hesitated for a moment, than he took her hand and asked her: “Would you like to dance?” She seemed to be unsure. “On the lake! Please dance with me on the frozen lake.” Lily glanced between him and the lake, than she nodded. So they walked carefully on the layer of ice.


When they reached the middle of the lake James took her hand and laid his gently on her hips. Than they started to dance. The music the both were dancing with was maybe just a lingering sound from the recent Christmas festival, maybe something both remembers from childhood or just something else …


A short while later both stopped and he asked: “Is it too cold for you? Maybe we should go inside!” She nodded and put her hands in her pockets. “I am freezing!”, Lily said chittering. James hugged her worried and whispered into her ear: “Than please let me warm you up.” Lily smiled and leaned herself closer to James. After a few seconds where James just enjoyed this wonderful feeling of being so close to her, he moved his face even more closer to hers and kissed her gently.


In the moment their lips touched it started again to snow. It were just a few flakes falling down from sky, while the young couple went inside. James and Lily were sitting until late night together in the Gryffindor common room on a sofa near the fireplace and enjoying their own little festival of love.

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