Finding You | Ashton Irwin

Lily's Summer break is about to take a trip down the wild side when she's forced to her mother's client meeting. The charismatic, playful and downright silly young boy gets on her nerves more than anybody else but she can't seem to shake him. Ladies and gentlemen, make yourselves comfortable. We're going down the wild side with her...


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5. Finding You | Chapter Four

Finding You | Ashton Irwin

Chapter Four

My eyes flickered open groggily, my hair tied in a tight ponytail that I didn’t remember doing. Soon enough I realised I wasn’t in my own bedroom, but Ashton’s. His arm hugging my body, my leg over his. Realisation of panic set in as I quickly looked under the covers, “Ashton!” I prodded his face gently, “Ashton, wake up!” He sighed and nuzzled his head into my chest, his arm pulling me closer, “Ashton!” His eyes shot open angrily.

“Whattt?” He yelled, banging his hand on the spare part of the bed, “I’m so tired, jesus…” His eyes wandered to his arm and then my face which was dangerously close to his own, “Oh, well… morning.” 

“Morning,” I squeaked, watching his eyes move back to his arm. I moved my leg from his causing him to raise his eyebrows and look back at my face, “Please could you let me go? My mum will be devastatingly worried because I didn’t go home. I don’t even remember falling asleep.” He removed his arm and pushed himself up, out of bed. He sat himself in his desk chair, rolled a joint and then lit it. His chest was fully exposed while blue plaid pyjama bottoms sat on his legs. 

“You want some yet?” He said, offering me the weed. I rolled my eyes and shook my head, “Suit yourself,” I stood up from bed and gasped as the cold air hit my legs. I had a Black Sabbath vest on which fell to my mid-thigh. A small smirk appeared on Ashton’s face, “Nothing happened. I texted your mum from your phone too.” He tossed it to me from his desk.

“Hey Ashton,” Michael pushed the door open, his eyes instantly landing me, “Oh sorry.” His eyes lingered for a couple of seconds before I dove back under the duvet. It seemed like my only option!

“Don’t worry about it mate, what did you want?” Michael moved cautiously into the room, his eyes leaving mine as he turned to face Ashton.  

“Lily?” Grace shouted, laughing loudly as she walked into Ashton’s room with Calum, he moved to Ashton and took the joint from him, smoking it then passing it to Grace. She took a drag naturally, gesturing it towards me. My answer was always the same, “I can’t believe you stayed here last night. You were having a go at me for Calum but here you are.” She giggled jumping in the space next to me, “Naughty, naughty.” Calum took the opportunity to dive in between the two of us, his arms resting on our shoulders. Gracie just blushed. I growled and jumped out of bed again, deciding that standing there in pretty much nothing was better than sitting next to them in bed together. 

“What did you want, Michael?” Ashton stood up, pulling a shirt over his bare chest, “I’m not doing any pick-ups today, if that’s what it’s about.” Michael was about to protest but Ashton just shook his head, “I’m not. You do it mate; Luke will go with you.” Michael slammed the door shut behind him as he stormed out of the room. 

“Hey, should we order some breakfast?” Ashton’s eyes darted between the three of us, he reached behind him into the closet and tossed me some pyjama bottoms which I quickly pulled over my legs, tying them with the bobble on my wrist so they didn’t fall down.

“I really have to get home.”

“No, you don’t,” Grace said jumping from the bed, “You don’t have to be home until 6pm, your parents have a late flight, right?”

“Flight?” Ashton murmured as we made our way into the living room. The mess was completely overwhelming. I grabbed a bin bag and started to tidy the living room while Ashton and Calum fell onto the sofas. 

“Yeah, they’re going to Australia,” I grumbled, shoving empty beer bottles into the bag, “Are you guys really just going to sit there?” Ashton lifted his phone up to indicate his job was ordering the breakfast and Calum just shrugged as he scanned the breakfast menu. Once I had put the last bag in the trash bag, Grace appeared. She’d changed into a large, comfy hoodie and some leggings. “How? When?”

“Calum’s hoodie, my leggings. I had them in my bag,” She winked and jumped onto the sofa next to Calum, “Oh! I’m just so glad you know about this now, Lil, it’s been so hard not telling you anything.” She wrapped her body around his spare arm and rested her head on the shoulder.

My feet started to stick to the floor as I wandered further into the kitchen, bottles of alcohol laid spilled on the ground. Why can’t people tidy up after themselves? I grabbed another bag and started to hurriedly tidy up, “A real stickler for mess, eh?” Ashton tossed a bottle into the bag, he took an anti-bacterial wipe and started on the kitchen sides, “My mum used to be exactly the same before my dad left.”

“I just don’t feel relaxed if it’s messy,” I swiped some more bottles from the side into the bag, “I like being in a nice, tidy environment.” I hesitated for a couple of seconds before looking over to him. His eyes met mine with a small smile, “Ashton, are you ok? You know, with everything?”

“Never been better, Lily.” 

“You disappeared for so long last night after we were outside.” I frowned

“You remember that?” He moved his hand to itch the back of his neck nervously, “Sorry, I had to do something.” 

“You were gone for nearly 2 hours, what could possibly take that long?” I questioned, dropping the bag to the floor. 

“I think it’s better if you don’t ask questions, Lil,” He mimicked Gracie’s voice as he said my name, “Questions won’t get you answers and, in all honesty, the less you know the better.” I debated storming out of the kitchen, but the mess would play on my mind all day, I started angrily picking the bottles up and then wiping the sides in a huff, “Look, I’m not being an asshole, Lily. I’m doing it to protect you.”

I laughed, “I’m 20 Ashton, I don’t need protecting. Whatever you’re doing is clearly illegal and, to be fair, you’re completely right. I don’t want any part of it.” I shoved the bag into his chest once the kitchen was spotless and moved passed him. I managed to glance at the TV to see that Grace had settled for The Big Bang Theory before Ashton pulled me backwards, shutting the kitchen door behind him, “Ashton!”

He stood looking at me in silence, his eyes moving across every inch of my face and body. He planted his hands on my shoulders, “Ashton, I’m going home.” He didn’t try to stop me as I waved a quick goodbye to Calum and Grace before gathering my things and heading out to the taxi. 




“It is great to see you,” Matthew gave me a quick cuddle before we started to walk down the long path to the rose gardens, “I had to make sure you were ok after you left with Ashton, he’s a little on the weird side.”

“Oh, he’s not that bad,” I smiled up at him. It was nice to see him fully clothed for once, “We went back to his because apparently Gracie is dating Calum Hood.” He lifted his finger to his mouth and gave it a gentle bite.

“Gracie and Calum?” He laughed, “That’s a mental match!” I nodded in agreement, sitting on the closest bench. The roses were in full bloom and looked gorgeous during the day, “Look, Lily. I wanted to see you because I have something to say.” 

“You do?” I gulped, turning my body to face his. 

“Yeah,” He nodded with a nervous smile, “I’ve wanted to say this for months and seeing you with Ashton made me realise I can’t wait any longer. I really like you. I think you’re the smartest, prettiest girl I’ve ever seen.”

My cheeks flushed red as he took my hand in his, “Matthew, have you seen the girls you work with? How could you say that?” 

“The girls I work with?” He shook his head, moving forwards slightly, “They’re absolutely nothing compared to you.” He moved his head closer, my cheeks gaining heat with every inch he moved. One hand dropped to my waist as his face moved closer to mine. It was something I’d always wanted, he’s the literal definition of perfect but I couldn’t tell whether it was what I wanted now. I closed my eyes and moved closer to him; his lips grazed mine as my phone started to buzz ripping us apart. Gracie’s photo flashed up. 

“Grace? Are you ok?” 

“Erm, yeah, could you come get me from Ashton’s?”

“I might be over the limit still, what’s up?”

“I just,” She hesitated, “I just need you to come and get me. Please.” 

“Ok, Grace. I’m on my way.” I shot Matthew an apologetic sorry and mouthed ‘I owe you’ before running back to my car to arrive at Ashton’s for the second time today. 

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