Jimmy the alien


11. 11

Chapter 11

   The man had felt his mind tag connection to his son severed. This had never happened before, so he was at a loss as to what to do

   There was one way to find the boy but it was unsafe. It might alert the others. He had tried to keep the boy safe all this time. The boy was special. If they found him; they would want to kill him like the others that had been born over the decades.

   The woman, the boy’s birth mother, had agreed to go back in time to protect her baby. So together they slipped with the baby into the sea of time. Moving at speed through many years, then slowly drifting to a stop in the general decade they now lived in.

   Once again, the man slipped into the sea of time; and using his enormous brain power he tried to stop when he saw the boy to warn him of the danger ahead but the time current was still too strong. As he drifted he observed the boy and his friend leave the hotel then being mugged by two men, who had driven away with them by the time the man had come to a stop.


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