Straight sex with some gay innuendos


12. Uncle Andy

Chapter 12 Uncle Andy

   The rehearsals at college the following morning went extremely well, Jerry could not put a foot wrong. He was walking on air. Even if he could not tell anyone about the filming, he had seen his father.

   After lunch, Jerry visited Diana. She had him lying in her bed posing for her while she painted. He did his best to concentrate on the panoramic view of the park that he could see from her bedroom window. At the moment he was trying desperately to keep still. He was fighting the urge to move again. He had this itch that was driving him crazy. Diana had already told him off several times. On the last occasion in a most unladylike manner, she had threatened him not to move on pain of death, or worse still, she had swiped the bed with the back end of one of her long handled paintbrushes. Telling him, she would use it on him next.

   A real friendship had developed between the two of them since the epic sex session. "Thank goodness" Jerry thought, at the sound of Peter hitting the gong announced teatime. He waited a few seconds for Diana to stop and put down the paintbrush.

   “Oh the relief” Jerry thought while scratching.

   Diana had to laugh at the sight of Jerry manically scratching all over his body. She was rather pleased with the results of this session especially how she had captured his naked leg and the hint of hidden sexuality she was able to recreate by the way the sheet was draped over his body.

   Jerry feeling better now slipped on a bathrobe and picked up a plastic bag before followed Diana into the kitchen where taking plates they select the food they wanted from the containers sitting on the worktop. And went out to the patio table to eat, Jerry was just about to hand her the bag containing her underwear with the complements of his father when her uncle arrived.

   “Oh my god Uncle Andy” Diana screamed as she jumped up and hugged him.

   When released from Diana embrace; Andy had looked from her to Jerry, expectedly; Diana taking the hint introduced them.

   “Hi Jerry what’s with the bath robe” Andy had a strong American accent.

   “Oh I’m Diana’s live model”

   “Wow you saying you’re sort of naked under their”

   “No way, that’s a life model” Without thinking Jerry lifted the hem of the Bathrobe and exposed to the world that he was wearing under pants.

   Andy started laughing not with embarrassment, but at the innocence of the action. Only then did Jerry realise what he had done. Eventually everyone was laughing it certainly broke the ice,

   The conversation came around to what Andy did for a living, He was a scriptwriter and wrote for films, this enthralled Jerry and he plied the poor chap with so many questions. At one stage, Andy admitted knowing CJ Jerry’s father and having to rewrite a scene to accommodate a certain stunt.

    Later when Jerry was dressed and about to leave Diana overheard her Uncle tell Jerry that he was here working for his father CJ and would see him at college.

   Diana was intrigued; she wanted to know what was going on. So she asked her brother Peter who didn’t know either but he would find out as he loved knowing things.


   Once again, Jerry was lying in bed posing he would be happy when the damn painting was finished.

   “Well,” Diana said looking at him accusingly unable to hold her tongue any longer.

   “What,” answered Jerry with a puzzled frown?

   “Does being a film star mean anything to you,” Diana blurted out.

   “Shit how do you know about that.”

   “God sometimes you are so thick, Uncle Andy remember, he’s staying here.”

   “He wasn’t supposed to say anything.”

   Not wanting to get her uncle into trouble, she confessed that Peter had overheard Andy having a conversation on the phone.

  Jerry then explained he was only getting the part because he looked like a younger version of his father.

   The real problem was they would have very little time to see each other, as he would be on call evenings and weekends. He suggested that she might want to use his spare bedroom as her studio, and of course stay over from time to time.

   Diana thought that it was a brilliant idea. The bedroom was at the back with windows running along two wall allowing good light; anyway there was access to the garden out back if she wanted.

   Several days later Diana let herself in with the key Jerry had given her; she had come by taxi bringing with her an easel, and several blank canvases, to go with the other stuff already in her studio. She saw the note that was attached to the bedroom door it said, “do not disturb here lies a very tired man”.


   Jerry’s father had said he was to dance, but had said nothing about the lines he had to learn. The person in the film, who got killed, was the guy’s girl friend from when he was young. She was his dance partner and there was many a scene where they had to converse. So when Jerry was given a script, the years of attending Mrs Brown’s acting classes came in handy. He found CJ’s hands on approach useful, especially with how to play the scene, he would take his place and show him more or less what he wanted emotion wise. Slowly he started to enjoy it and became one of the team. He saw his father in a new light, a sort of conductor always controlling. Although CJ had, an exact Idea on how he wanted the scene acted out. He was flexible and was open to suggestions.


   Jerry was having trouble there was this one sex scene in the whole film just before the car crash when he was supposed to pretend to have sex in bed with the actress playing the part of the girlfriend who in the next scene gets killed in the car crash.

   Every take Jerry would get an exertion and be embarrassed to get out of bed. The problem he had was when practicing the scene with Diana they would end up having sex.

   Eventually the scene was achieved by splitting the before and after bed shots. 


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