A boy's life


31. to be added to chapter 30 12/09/2019


At the graveside, Rob and I had words. Who was he to tell me off for being disrespectful? It was my Grandma, not his. He’s nothing. I had left Sam with the boys in Milan so she couldn’t be here in person. The next best thing was Skype on my pad. Why Rob thought it was so inappropriate baffled me. It was not like I was taking a video of it to show her later. The last straw was back at the house when friends and neighbours called. Rob started bossing me around, telling me to do this and get that. After a while, I’d had enough, so not telling anyone. I had grabbed my things and was out of there. Cathy greeted me with a kiss. We were in the coffee bar, the one nearest to the station in the high street. I needed sympathy and a bed for the night.

    The TV awoke me; I quickly pulled the duvet up over my head to protect my eyes from the daylight streaming in. 

    Someone had opened the curtains. It felt like the old days when my mum would wake me on a school day. Only there hadn’t been any pre-warning, like banging on the door, to make sure I was decent. Within seconds the sound of the newscaster was replaced by an almost continuous zapping noise. 

   I slowly lifted the duvet up and spied a little girl sitting on the floor with her back to me. She was playing some form of space invaders. Last night had been a disaster. 

   Instead of sleeping in Cathy’s bed, I had ended up on this damn settee. In all our conversations, she had never told me she still lived with her parents. 

   When we arrived at her home, I discovered the house was full, even the spare bedroom was occupied by her sister’s little girl.

   Cathy, with all her outward sexual signals, was a real disappointment. In the end it was either the settee or go home, which was out of the question. 


   My back hurt, the settee was not that comfortable. I stretched trying to get the kinks out of my muscles. The duvet began to slip sideways allowing sight of my naked body, which was a big no, no under the circumstances.   


    Thankfully the little girl was preoccupied and hopefully did not see anything.


   Wrapping the duvet around my body, I grabbed my clothes and high tailed it to the downstairs cloakroom to get dressed.


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