Ian’s Story

TV show ‘Factor X’.


21. getting it together. part five

Chapter 21 getting it together. part five

   “Fuck that!” Conner swore, as he saw the crowd.

  We had just arrived at tonight’s venue, which was once again a gay club. I knew exactly how he felt. Tonight, it was more of the same but much worse. We ran the gauntlet of crutch groping hands and bottom feeling fingers to get to the stage area. My name is Ian Phillips. To say I was nervous was an understatement it was six weeks since our last gig and the acid attack on Richard. Although still on pain killing drugs Richard was now out of hospital and mentally stable. He had tried unsuccessfully to hide the scaring with makeup and so had decided to wear a half mask to cover the left side of his face. It was agreed that Richard would start the singing and naturally the first song would be from the musical ‘Phantom of the Opera’. So, setting the scene and allow Richard to perform throughout the gig without removing his mask.              

   OMG to my surprise when Richard started to sing his solo number, suddenly we were surrounded by a whole group of boys all wearing half masks. I could have kissed Chris for organising this for Richard. I only wished that I had thought of it and had suggested that the band all wear half masks at the next gig.

   Thankfully the gig was a great success and Richard even though I had noticed him take more pain killer tables he had performed well.

   The funny thing I did notice at the end of the gig several of the boys leaving were still wearing their masks.

   That evening as my parents were away I let Chris and Richard sleep together in the spare room above the garage. Naturally not wishing to be alone myself I invited Sandy to come over and share my bed. Sometime in the middle of the night I awoke to find there were four of us in my king-sized bed, apparently the boys had joined us. To my amusement I soon discovered that we were all naked and the group sex that followed I had to admit I found really enjoyable.   

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