Beautiful Thing

We could be a beautiful thing together, even when the weather is low.


1. Letter to You


There are some things that I cannot tell you face to face, so I guess after reading this you will know the truth. I'm lucky to have you in my life and thank you for everything, as cliche as it sounds, you are my best friend. 


Some things are meant to be. We are. Unlike us, others aren't. Together our friendship outshines any other beautiful thing. Spending time together, you tell me that you think you know my heart. To be honest, you probably do. 

I'm always with you regardless of the many miles between us. As someone told me, distance is nothing when love is present. 

When we are together, I spend hours with you. When we are apart, part of me is still with you - whether you know it or not, without you, I'm only half of me. 

I could stay with you in an empty room for hours and never get bored. Together we are everything, others have every right to be jealous. 

You are my other half. You are what makes me, me. 

When one of your smiles graces me with its presence, my life gets a little brighter. Your hands that are often gesturing to emphasize the meaning of each letter, word, sentence that leaves your mouth.  Strong arms that aren't afraid to wrap me in a warm embrace when I'm feeling down and a little sad, but also when something brilliant happens, nothing beats one of your celebratory hugs. 

Some people believe that we are more then friends, however I know that we don't need to be more then friends for me to know the little details about you, like the way small creases form at the side of your hazel eyes when something is amusing. The way your smile is broadest when you spend time with your family and close friends, your dimples becoming a regular sight for sore eyes. When olives or another particular food is mentioned, two adorable creases form on the bridge of your very delectable nose. The way that your good spirits are dampened by someone being hurtful. I could go on forever. 

You are what makes me smile. I know that whenever I fall down and cannot get back up on my feet by myself, that you are there for me to lean on. 

Without you I am a different person, boring is probably the best adjective. I guess there is something inside of you that is triggering. It makes me myself. 

I remember when we were out walking one day, and we came across that elderly couple who told us the tale of their love story (after informing us we make a beautiful thing together) how it started young, endured the bumpy track, which lead to a joyful married life. They told us that one day that would be us! You found it hilarious and I let out a bitter laugh, we will obviously never be more then friends at this rate. Almost as if the lovely old woman could tell what I was thinking and whispered to me that, people often end up with their best friend. Oh how I wish that could be true. 

I guess that after reading this you will know that even when the weather is low, you are a beautiful thing.

We could be a beautiful thing together but no. You have her. I'm just your friend. 

Together we could find the rainbow up in the sky. In the ideal world you would hold me close in your arms, closer then a friend in your heart. You'd tell me, 'don't you cry, it's going to be alright.' I would believe you. 

We can both acknowledge that if we ever go through a fight it would be bad because you know all of my secrets and I know most of yours. 

I can't help but wonder if there will ever be a day where we can make hours turn into seconds, as more then friends? For me, it would be then that the weight of the world would feel like a feather, as we would be holding it in our hands. 

It's time that you know you are my other half. 

You are what makes me, me. 

You give me the ability to make sure I remain smiling. 

When I fall down, and cannot get back up on my feet - you will be there. 

Some day I hope that I can laugh at the fact that I fell for my best friend, whom had no idea about it. 

I guess that at the age of 86, I shall be living solitude, in a country home with a bunch of cats. The local villagers will know me as the cat lady, who had her heartbroken at a young age and never recovered. When they ask me about my love story I shall tell them;

"Without him I am boring. Something inside him was triggering. He made me myself - injected the humor into me - which is where I purchased the many wrinkles that line my face. He made me, me. He was a beautiful thing. We could have been a beautiful thing together. Even when the weather was low, he remained a beautiful thing. Him and I. Best friends. We slowly grew apart. He married his sweetheart while I stayed here and married our friendship. We never got the chance to forget what we had been told. We are living in our dream world - separately. I was once foolish enough to believe that we had forever. In one way we do - as friends. We never got our chance to take on the whole world together."

Yet deep down I know that we have a chance at a happy ending. Maybe things will change if you see this. Without you I am boring. Something inside you is triggering. It makes me myself. You are a beautiful thing. We are a beautiful thing as friends. We could be a beautiful thing together, even when the weather is low. 

And I smile because that is a beautiful thing. 

Love, Me

P.s. I love you. x

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