Dead end road

Just don't stop running...


1. alone in the office

it was nearly 10o'clock at night, there was barely anyone at the office. I let out a long yawn been here since 6 in the morning. Still have mountains of paperwork in front of me. I stretched my muscles and continued to work. The vibration from my phone sent a tingling sensation across my body. I looked at my screen to see Curtis was calling me a big smile went across my face. I took a breath and answered the call.

''Hey honey'' He said in the most joyful tone of voice,

''Hey whats up? I responded 

​''Not much how long are you gonna be its getting late and this is the fifth time you've did overtime'',

''I know I'm sorry its just been hectic at work ill be home soon'',

''Okay i love you'',

''I love you too''.

I hung up the call, placed my phone in its position in my back pocket and continued to work. The call with Curtis was on my mind. He was right I have been doing too much overtime I should take it easier. The world isn't going to end if I don't get all the paper work done today. I worked till half eleven. I heard footsteps coming from the distance. i thought to myself I'm the only one here so who's footsteps were they? I was spooked for a moment and then I realised it was probably just my brain playing tricks on me. 


Half an hour later, it was midnight and i decided to head home. I grabbed my Louis Vutton bag that curtis had gifted me with last christmas and the leather black coat with fur on the hood that in placed over my arm as I walked to the car park. The stars were out, they were shinning across the sky. I could hear dogs barking from the distance. Just for a moment, it all went silent... 

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