The Missing Partner - Jack B

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  • Published: 27 Jun 2019
  • Updated: 27 Jun 2019
  • Status: Complete
Jack has written a narrative about a spy whose partner has gone missing! Follow the spy on his journey to save his partner!

Jack is 12 at the time of publishing and is part of my fantastic intervention class. Enjoy reading his hard work!


1. The Missing Person

Once I’m on the plane I was thinking about my partner and why he is missing as I’m about to get off the plane Ii had this felling what my partner was kidnapped. Once I was off I went searching through things like: buildings, house there was only one building left and might have a chance to get my partner. As I went in I found a letter from my partner and it said where he was going [42 Sidney] that was back were the bridge was. I went to go and all I found was a body with a gun on my partner head and if I wasn’t quick he would be dead but as soon as they saw me they ran away with my partner. I got on the plane and landed on a bridge as I was at the bridge all I could hear was a whistling noise coming from the river and also I can see the glistening from the river making it look nice. Also I can tell that the weather could be nice as it is for now. As I move down the bridge I found my partner blindfolded and gagged being taken to an old creepy door by two people. As I moved in towards the door I quickly sprinted to the door as I was running I was thinking about my partner and how scared he would be as I was thinking I was at the door. Once I did the password it was correct so I walked in the darkness hall all I heard was the noise of the two people and my partner. I shut the door quietly as a rabbit behind me. I heard footsteps so I followed them and as I was following them I seen loads of pictures with blood on them and it smelt fresh and I was hearing people talking about my partner and what they were going to do. There was a door and people opened the door a found me right next to the door. As I was going to open the door a person came out so I’ve pulled out my gun the same as him but I was the first one to make a move. Once I’ve made my move the person was knocked out on the floor. Once it was done I went to get my partner and took him somewhere safe still in the building so then I went and got the other person and took his mask of and I notice it was my boss. I went back to my partner and let him free and I left the worse boss on the floor tied up in a rope. As I was learning I was getting my partner to take him out but something wasn’t right then I figured out what I had to recruit my partner as a double agent. As I was leaving the boss picks up my partners gun and said stop as I got to the door as soon as I turned around the boss had the gun pulled to my head. Then my partner got my gun from my pocket without the boss knowing and he shot him so it would give us enough time to get away. We got to the bridge and all there was a plane as we got on the plane we had to shoot the boss again but the plane had no fuel in so we just ran as far as we could without looking back at the bridge.
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