The Last Pieces Of You

AhRhong after her heavely trial, looses all her memories of her experience in the mortal real. Fire Prince whom AhRhong thought was the one she was looking for took a heart wrenching twist when she regains her memories. Xuyin, after rising to Demon King Status forgets how it feels like eighteen thougsand years ago when he was a mortal. He falls in love with his best friend Xingzhi when he was still a mortal, now he forgets what it really means to be in love, can he find that feeling again?


2. chapter 2

While Princess Ah Rong rests in Ten Miles of Peach Blossom fire Prince Zhong Ru locks himself in his room cultivating all his powers he has lost because of what had happened back in the mortal realm where he finished his Heavenly trial early. Hurt by the feelings he had encountered in his mortal life Prince Zhong Ru made a Hair piece out of his fire power so that when he encounters her again, they can start over, just like what she wanted. After replenishing his power Prince Zhong Walks to Ten miles of peach blossoms to enjoy the view of the blossoms that had just bloomed.

While Prince Zhong stands watching the radiant pond of lotuses, Fate fairy happened to pass by, “What a coincident, I didn’t expect to see you here Fire Prince, or should I address you by Fire deity…”

“Save the excuses for later, why you did that?” Fire Prince glares at Fate fairy.

“Do what?” Fate fairy came to realize what the Prince was talking about, “Ahhhh… that, I don’t know, my intensions were to have you two become emperor and empress of the dynasty, however, whenever I wrote down you two fate, the words would change mysteriously, and I came to realize that time wants me to let you two choose your own fate.”

“Is that so?”


“Can you tell me who the princess is?”

“Dear prince you are still young and there are some things I can and cannot tell you, all I can say is that She is your opposite and you two are currently at peace, if you see her you will recognize her immediately. However, she will never recognize you.”

Prince Zhong becomes confused, he does not know what Fate had meant by “she will never recognize me”. Prince did not want to speak anymore and so he kept quiet as Fate and him watches the view. Fate chuckles knowing how close the two lovers are and knowing that their journey has not yet ended.

“Prince Zhong, why don’t you come and enjoy some wine with me at ten miles of peach blossoms.” Fate Fairy smiles.

“I don’t mind.” Prince Replies.

Walking through the color of pink felt warming, the trees looked happy and the sky was clear meaning that it would be a very good day, as they walk Prince Zhong starts seeing a woman figure, she resembles someone whom he had desperately wanted to see, this woman has long beautiful black hair, and her eyes are glorious in sight, one look at her and she stays in your head.  “This couldn’t be. Fate fairy knew she would be here, but why?”

“Dear prince it has been six days since your return from your heavenly trial, it is also the same for Princess Ah Rong, she has also ascended to deity level.” Fate begin introducing these two desperate people. As they talk Fate happily enjoys her wine and left secretly.

Prince Rong begin to feel guilty, but when he looks at the Princess, he knew immediately that she doesn’t feel anything, “Yes of course, how should I address you?”

The princess gave a big smile, like nothing had happened, “Just call me Ah Rong.”

Her attitude reminds the Prince of how they first met, In his mortal days at a very young age, Prince was wondering the palace trying to find a secret passage dressed as a slave, he wandered until he found the garden, there stood a slim and tall young maiden, whoever this maiden was she was very mischievous. She had some people with her, but they looked uncertain of whether to laugh or to stay still. Prince hid behind the giant rock observing her tricks and her jokes.  “What a scary maiden.” Prince thought in his mind, “she also looks very familiar.”

Prince and the princess had wine while playing a match of chess. Her methods were the same in playing chess and her cheating are also the same, “Could she be her?” Prince continued to outsmart her because he knows of all her tricks.

“I give up.” Frustrated that he is always winning.

“Already?” Prince responds.

“You know that if you’re always winning the game it really gets boring….”

“And when I get bored, I want to punch someone in the face.” Prince finishes her sentence.

“How did you know I was going to say that?”

“I’ve heard it before.”


“I don’t know. Just…”

“Just what?”

“Just somewhere.”

Prince slowly gets closed to Princess and softly pushed her to the old tree that was behind the Princess, Prince carefully scanned Princess Rong’s face and looked for her birthmark that was on the left side of her neck, “No doubt that this is my Rong’er” Prince flirtedly touched Princess Ah Rong’s hair, “If you are Rong’er then why don’t you have any reactions, why don’t you remember me?” Prince closed his eyes for a second and let go of the princess.

“If you want to know then why don’t you come to my palace and learn for yourself.” Prince walked away slowly.

Princess Ah Rong gasped for air. “What the hell is wrong with him”.

“Go to your palace????” Princess interest rose, she has never been out of Glass palace except for here and at the Heavenly’s emperor’s palace. “Is your palace warm? Cool? Is it shiny? What do you do there?”

“Relax, you will know once you get there.”

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