The Last Pieces Of You

AhRhong after her heavely trial, looses all her memories of her experience in the mortal real. Fire Prince whom AhRhong thought was the one she was looking for took a heart wrenching twist when she regains her memories. Xuyin, after rising to Demon King Status forgets how it feels like eighteen thougsand years ago when he was a mortal. He falls in love with his best friend Xingzhi when he was still a mortal, now he forgets what it really means to be in love, can he find that feeling again?


1. chapter 1

“It’s not taking place at the battlefield, but here in this cold palace. My whole life is a lie, listening to false information. Until one evening, I met this person whom I thought was just a regular prisoner who was captured by our soldiers from the prisoner of war to become a slave, I thought wrong. From the very beginning I should have known, how he was able to speak our language, his excessive martial arts skills that I had seen when we were together, and his eyes. His eyes were full of revenge, anger, and greed. I thought he was someone who was a nobody, just a servant, until…he became someone I can’t let go of. My feelings led to the misery of my family. I sit in my room thinking of everything, of all our times, I grab the sword that sits by me as I hear the footsteps of rebel’s approaching. My parents are killed, my brothers and sisters are killed, my best friend and servants are killed, only I am left. I scanned the sword seeing its clear brightness and my reflection, yet the haunting of blood is still there. As the door flung open, my heart sank. There standing was a man in black armor, his eyes were fierce, his ambitions of wanting to be King took over him. Zhong Ru points his sword and offered something.”

His voice was still the same, tender, sweet, and deceiving but somewhat different, more of his greed changed him “Be my queen, that way we can be together.”

“If I become your queen how will I face my parents after death, you who I have trusted, and had cherished is standing in front of me with a sword pointed at me.  First you took advantage of me, and then love poisoned me. Is this what you wanted, to deceive me then to kill me and all my love ones?” I shake my head as tears fall down my cheeks, “I was wrong to have given you my heart and my trust, I begged my parents so they can forgive and let you live a normal life, but instead you betray me and rebelled.”

“No Ah Rong, I beg you, don’t make me do this, I want you to be my queen…” 

“BE Your Queen! After all you’ve done?” Ah Rhong laughs in disbelief.

“I’ve never intended it to be like this. Yes, I came into the family with the intention to rebel, however, little did I expect to find you…”

“Your excuses do not work,” she walks to him and touch his soft face gently full of sadness and gave him one last hugg, “In our next life I hope we can start over again without any problems.” Ah Rhong pushes Zhong Ru and raised the sword that she holds in her hand she then stabs herself with it, “Everything is over, no more of those useless feeling, this is the only peace I can find.”


“What a pity for those two.”  Karma fairy spoke as she watches the scene of the suicide of princess Rong and Prince Zhu.

“Why did fate fairy give them this kind of life?” Love knot fairy asks.

“I don’t know, but I will make fate fairy pay for this. When Snow fairy Princess Ah Rong awakes from her heavenly trial she will remember all the hardships she has endured with Fire Prince Zhong she will be very broken, and she will ask for the memory loss pill, I want to add something to that pill.”

“Wait, what? What are you going to do this time Karma? Don’t do something stupid.”

“No matter what, even if these two are trying to ignore each other they will always end up together because Fate will play with them, and Fate fairy can do nothing about it.”

“Tell me”

“Ok I will tell you; I have the tear of pearls.”

“Whaaaaaaaaat!!! Karma you know that, that is very dangerous. When someone eats the tear of pearls, they will have extreme power and that will hurt their cultivation, why would you want to give it to Ah Rong?”

“Yes, the tear of pearls will give her extreme power that hurts her cultivation, it will protect her and when she wants to one day remember what had happen, she will, and this will be my gift for her.”

“Sure, however be careful because Ah Rhong’s temper is not very much like a lady.  The heavenly realm will soon be celebrating the new rise of a new dynasty thanks to our two young lovers.”

“Hopefully there won’t be tension at the banquet.”

“Yes.”  Love knot fairy agrees in a serious tone.

Karma Fairy and Love Knot Fairy continued to talk about how Fate fairy had given the two young lovers an interesting ending. While they talk at the palace of Snow Glass, Princess Ah Rong awakens from her heavenly trial, she is no longer just a princess now but a Deity. Ah Rhong wakes up in her bed with tears on her cheeks, still remembering her mortal life full of agony.  She then remembered that in the medicine room there is a potion where you can erase your memories. Ah Rong walks to the medicine room, the room was full of potions and bottles, there were also wines that tasted like cherry, Ah Rong took eight bottles of wine and a peculiar small brown bottle the shape of a dragon. Her Parents, servants, friends, and siblings were angry at how the prince took advantage of her in the mortal realm, Ah Rhong passed a degree that no one is to speak of what had happened. She then visits Bai Xian and asks if she can stay at ten miles of peach blossom for five days and five night. “Never once have I experience such agony in my life, and never will I love  another person ever again,” she took out the brown bottle and took three pills and drinks the wines she stole from the medicine room. Ah Rong did not care if she misses the banquet of the new dynasty nor did she care if she will offend the heavenly emperor. All she could think of was the time she had spent in her mortal life. 

Bai Xian, Previous Queen of the fox Clan watches Ah Rong Engulf her misery with wine, “Maybe I should join her.”

“I think you should let her be.” Crown Prince stated.

“I wonder what she went through to make her this way."  Bai Qian responded.

“Fate fairy should know.”

“Yes, I remember when I was young, and how I went through my mortal life with no memories.”

“And I found you.”

“That’s right.” 

The two-couples Bai Qian and Crown Prince left Ah Rhong and passed through the beautiful blossoms that had just bloomed a few days ago. 


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