Camp Fear


8. two hearts as one .

"DONT!" A booming voice cried out , Raven turned to see who it was ,a familiar but unpleasant face to Raven , it was amber.

"Don't jump" she was screaming while running towards her , " I wasn't going to." Raven reassured her .

"Really because it sure as hell looked like it !" Amber snapped at her while trying to catch her breathe from running do much.

She sat down upon the cliffs edge taking in the soft breeze wafting into her face , gentle but harsh on her pale skin.

"Why the hell are you here ? trying to murder someone , I knew ..."

"IM NOT A KILLER OK! I came here to think , I always have , for the past three years while you and your pathetic followers picked on me I've been coming here. " Raven told her solemnly

Amber sat down upon the cliffs edge to feeling the breeze brush across her face , it was cold but she didn't mind it , it seemed reassuring in the misery of the campsite .

"So what do you do here?" Amber asked

"I come up here to think." she explained simply

Amber rolled her eyes , "yeah but what do ya think about?" she snapped

"Who it could be , the murderer."

Amber turned to her , there eyes locking in gaze , they both wanted the same thing.

For the killing and   the disappearances to stop for good .

"I think its someone that lives in the woods ." Raven told her sinisterly

"yeah me to ." Amber agreed with Raven for once

 Heading back to the camp the girls were all business , they were going to tell the others of their theory and then hopefully Miss Boolittle.

"So wait a minute your telling me you think the killer is a hermit?" Rainn laughed

"well its possible , I mean so homeless folk don't like people soooo....." Celia told Rainn

"That was in a goosebumps book." Rainn giggled

"It could happen!" Celia stated

Amber and Raven looked at one another , Celia was stupid but at least she believed them they guessed they'd have to work on Rainn.

"I doesn't matter hat you guys think , were going to tell miss Boolittle any idea were she is?" Amber snapped at Rainn

"yeah , the councilors office with the two crazy cat ladies ." Celia beamed

"Great" Raven shook her head , "lets go " Amber said tapping Ravens shoulder before taking off.





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