The Real Rescue

This is my reality


1. The Sound of Chicks

I live on a farm so there is a lot of different trees, nests, and animals. So I saw a nest, I was 4, and heard some sounds. Since I was so young I did not realize it. I am used to chickens so I did not realize that there was six little robin chicks in the nest, that is not a normal number of chicks, for a robin. Anyway, I have a chocolate lab, Dusty, this breed of dog was for hunting. He heard the chicks peeping and started jumping at the nest. Since there was six chicks two of the chicks were on the edge. He jumped up and one of the chicks on the edge fell off. I was horrified! I was yelling for my Mom or Dad, but unfortunately they weren't awake. When I look back I saw the chick in Dusty's mouth! So I ran up to Dusty and pride his mouth open, took the chick and put it back in the nest. No, the mother bird will not abandon the eggs ever, unless they are different temperatures. I took the baby robin and made sure I could feel the heart was still beating, and is still breathing, thankfully he was. The mother robin watch, and sort of thanked me. That day on, only for a while, I could peek in and gently, and I mean gently, pet her or her chicks. That was my first rescue. That is what made me want to rescue animals as much as I do. 

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