The Fortress of Ekrizdis

A Harry Potter fanficiton about Azkaban. Set when even Albus Potter is grown up and has his own children.


2. The Traveller

     Ekrizdis was now well over a year into his stay at Azkaban, and he had developed many new spells in that time. The spell he was most proud of was the Lanuæ Charm, which made food instantaneously appear infront of its caster. A simple spell alone cannot create food from thin air - and the Lanuæ Charm was no exception, but what made this spell unique was that it brought food to its caster from any place in the world, the food would disappear from one place and appear at the feet of the Lanuæ Charm's caster.


     Ekrizdis began to suffer the consequences of living completely alone, he became depressed and longed for other dark witches and wizards he could talk to, people who could understand him. One sunny day, while atop his imposing fortress, Ekrizdis spotted a small boat - quite a while away, but close enough to see. This was his chance, he thought - someone to talk to after all these days and nights. Ekrizdis pointed his wand at distant boat and shouted, "accio boat!". The boat jolted towards him, knocking the person on the deck onto their knees. The umber-brown boat continued to advance towards Azkaban, speeding through the undulating waves with ease as its bewildered passenger was flung around the deck. As the boat ran ashore, Ekrizdis disapparated from the top of the tower, apparated infront of the perplexed traveller and said, "Greetings, fellow wizard!". The unknown traveller looked around, extremely confused.

"Hello?" they questioned. "Is someone there?". The traveller looked around again and Ekrizdis, remembering the concealment charms he placed around the island, ordered the traveller to step onto the beach. The traveller reluctantly did as he was instructed and, as he did so, the entire fortress of Azkaban blended into view, as if appearing out of thin air. The traveller stood still for a few seconds, staring up at the formidable fortress. "Hello? I'm down here!" exclaimed Ekrizdis, startling the traveller who had only just noticed him standing at the foot of the tower.


     "What is this castle? I couldn't see it from my boat, I couldn't see you from my boat! But as I stepped onto the island it suddenly came into view! Is it some sort of illusion? I sure is sunny today, was the sun creating some sort of illusion?" said the traveller, stumbling over his words - searching for a logical explanation for that which his eyes had beheld mere moments ago.


WORK IN PROGRESS! Feel free to comment any improvements you think could be made!

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