Danganronpa 2. Monchrome rebirth.

Every story has an end. Every story has its begin.

Since the fateful days of the BSTT incident, the school took every precaution to check up on their students. There was even made a foundation to make sure no killing game ever was to happen again. A few years past since the first BSTT murder game and soon it's gonna start again. Fifteen ultimate students of the #18 class are now soon gonna find themselves in that kinda game again. They are now in Monocamp. Their school trip right into Despair.


13. Join us!

I entered the camping ground. Lara was looking around:
"Who s-should we start with?" Lara asked:
"I would suggest the hardest. Let's go talk with Sandra." I said:
"Why would you say Sandra is the hardest?" Sasha asked pointing the microphone at me:
"You really have a journalist's mentality. I think she is the one most confused. We all kinda found someone to be with when we got here. She didn't find anyone." I said. We all nodded:
"You girls check the dorm. I have one to talk to." I said looking toward the trees. I could see a silhouette. The girls nodded and left. I walked over to the trees:
"Samantha," I said. The clayworker looked up:
"Oh, hey there, Jay," Samantha said with a relaxed smile:
"I wanted to ask you if you were up for a grill party?" I asked:
"Oh? What is the occasion?" Samantha asked:
"I just feel like hosting a party. I want us all to become closer." I said. Samantha rolled around in the grass for a few seconds. She then tabbed her chin:
"There're gonna be food, of course," I said. She looked up. Her eyes turned into stars as she began to drool:
"What did you say?" She asked:
"There're gonna be food. You wanna come?" I asked. She nodded:
"Sure. I come." Samantha said:
"Then go to the fancy house. We collecting everyone." I said. She nodded:
"See you there, mister gambler." She said leaving. The easy one is done. Now...I would guess just around now:
"No! Leave me alone!" I heard a shout:
"Even her screams are loud as explosions," I said walking toward the girl cabins. I arrived at the bombardier cabin. Sasha and Lara walked to her through the window:
"Hey! Sandra." I said. She looked at me:
"You too, Jay. What are you guys thinking? I'm not gonna leave my cabin!" Sandra shouted:
"Calm down, Sandra," I said:
"calm down. All you are just gonna kill me!" Sandra shouted. This is going nowhere:
"What if I assign you a bodyguard?" I asked:
"Huh?" Sandra looked confused:
"What if I make sure that you aren't alone. As long as you with us no one is gonna kill you." I said. Sandra blinked:
"Sandra we can't avoid each other forever. You need food and water too." I said. Sandra looked around for an excuse, I would presume:
"Sandra. Listen to me. I been with some of them today and survived. You can do the same. Don't you want to be part of the group?" I asked:
"I...I guess so." Sandra said. Her pink hair flowing in the breeze:
"Lara." I said:
"Y-Yes, sir." Lara said:
"Don't call me sir...Take Sandra to the fancy house. Scream as loud as you can if something happens." I said:
"You want me to be her bodyguard..." Lara asked scared:
"Yep. Now go grow a spine." I said pushing her back. Lara wobbled forward but then nodded:
"Sandra, Lara here is gonna take you there. You fine with that?" I asked. Sandra hesitated but nodded. She opened the door and walked out:
"Now you two get going. We will come soon." I said. Sandra nodded and left with Lara:
"That was smooth?" Sasha asked:
"It was a gamble. I was scared Sandra would turn us down because Lara is weak. I gamble it all on the talk I had with Lara earlier. Nevermind that. Let's continue. The twins are next." I said.

We walked toward Sophia's cabin:
"Sophia, You in there?" I asked. Sophia opened the door:
"Oh, hey," Sophia said:
"Wanna come have fun?" I asked:
"What?" Sophia asked as she adjusted her hat:
"We're all setting up a grill party at the fancy house and opening. Wanna come with your brother?" I asked:
"Lil' bro," Sophia said. Sam came walking up next to her:
"We will come. We can't stay like this, I know that already, so we will come. What time is it?" Sophia asked:
"We would actually like you to come now," I said:
"Sorry, Sam and I need some time. I need to calm him down too." Sophia said. Sam nodded:
"I see. Fine. Can two hours do it?" I asked Sasha. She shrugged:
"We don't know. We need the knowledge of Diana for that." I said poking my chin:
"Say. What about I come to get you then?" I asked. Sophia nodded:
"Sounds good," Sophia said. I smiled:
"See you two around," I said. Now for Adam and Mina:
"This seems hard. So what about you talk to Adam. I take care of the dangerous one." I said. Sasha looked worried:
"You sure you can do that?" Sasha asked:
"Well. I don't know for certain but gambling is my specialty." I said with a grin. Sasha nodded:
"Good luck." She said walking toward the guys' cabins. I walked up to Mina's cabin:
"Attention!" I shouted. The door was kicked open:
"War tactician, Mina Ratio," Mina said as she salutes. She then looked at me:
"Oh, if it isn't the gambler," Mina said:
"Hello, Mina," I said:
"What do you want, soldier?" She asked:
"Me and the others are making a grill party and wanted to invite you," I said:
"You collecting us all?" Mina asked:
"Yeah. It's just a party and-" I said:
"I will come." She said. That is weird...She was easily persuaded:
"I can see you are doubting my intention?" Mina asked:
"Yeah," I said:
"See it like this. It's less likely for someone to kill me if everyone is at the same spot." Mina said. She has a point:
"Sure. just go to the fancy house," I said. Mina nodded and left. She seems to have calmed down but her intention is still weird. I need to keep a close eye on her. I looked to the left and saw Sasha come walking:
"Assitance please." She said. I smiled and walked toward the guy's cabin. There was Adam:
"And now you are here?" Adam asked:
"Adam. Why are you hiding?" I asked:
"I actually wanna come but I didn't wanna be alone with someone," Adam said. He is cautious. That is of course natural:
"Sure, Adam. You can go alone. Sasha and I still need to find a few people." I said. Adam looked at me:
"Where is it?" He asked adjusting his satchel bag:
"Fancy house." I said. He nodded:
"I will go there." Adam said. I nodded. Some of them just needed a small push to leave their cabin. I'm happy it's going so smoothly. Now to play hide and seek with the rest:
"What now?" Sasha asked:
"I think you go to the fancy house too. I will search for the rest on my own. I have a feeling that Zeek will already be at the camp. He's always there where the others are. Just in the background. I will have to find Liza and...Zack." I said. Sasha nodded:
"See you there then. Be careful." Sasha said:
"I'm always careful." I said. She ran off. I walked around the area and didn't find Liza nor Zack. I walked up to the sawmill and heard something. Bullets?
"Hey!" I shouted as I peeked inside. Inside was Liza. She was shooting after cans on top of the lumber. She reloaded with an amazing speed then shot more bullets:
"Liza!" I shouted. Liza turned around:
"Oh, hey," Liza said:
"Didn't I take the ammunition?" I asked:
"There more in my cabin," Liza said as she adjusted her hat and shot one more bullet:
"Liza. Hand me the gun." I said:
"No. You can have the bullets." She said opening the cylinder. The bullets fell to the ground as she rolled them to me. Fair enough:
"We are hosting a party at the fancy house. Everyone is gonna be there. I think you should come too." I said:
"You think that's smart? Aren't they just gonna be self-conscious around the one who shot their teacher?" Liza asked. She is still hung up on that...I can understand that:
"Liza," I said walking toward her. I grabbed her wrist and took the gun from her:
"I will hold on to this and you will go to the party. They can't be scared of a girl without a gun." I said. She looked at me and then smiled:
"You aren' that bad, gambler," Liza said:
"Now go. You aren't a scary person, Liza." I said. Liza blushed and walked away. I sighed looking at the revolver:
"I should throw it into the lake...But...Ahh Fine. I will have it on me." I said putting it into my vest sleeve. I stood there for a few seconds:
"Why weren't you stopping her?" I asked turning around. From the control room came Zack:
"So you spotted me?" Zack asked. I stared him down. Now for the final hurdle. 

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