The Story of Ashjeilia Hiragi (A.K.A Ash Hyakuya)

Ash, a beautiful girl, living in a post-apocalyptic world. She seems so young, when in reality she is over 3 millennia old. A vampire who drank the blood of the first, but never of a human. Stuck in a eight-year-body until she meets two boys named Mikaela and Yuichiro Hyakuya. Join her, and these two boys, on a journey to survive and learn the truth about each other


2. Chapter 1

*Eight years after the catastrophe*

"Krul, do you think we will in this? In the way wee want to?" 

The petite pinkette nods. "With you on our side, yes. Now hurry, get back in your sword and go with Mika, before they capture you too."

I nod and return to my sword. As I join with the sword again, I catch a glimpse of Ferid capturing Krul. I sigh heavily once I was completely joined with the sword.

"Mika, will things ever get better for us?" He answers through his mind. "I don't know Ash, I don't know. But I sure do wish wee could go back and be with the family in the orphanage."

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