Clarissa-Mai is the daughter of a successful business family. She doesn’t get along with her family. To them, nothing could be more important than their company, their fortune, and, their image. She chose a different path from them, or, rather, a different path had chosen her. It led them to disown her.
Percival Alistair, or, Pip, is an old family friend. His parents died in a boating accident when he was nine years old. So, it speaks for itself that he isn’t a fan of the water. So, spending any amount of time on the ocean does not sound good to him, and, neither does staying with his parents’ stuck up friends. Only their daughter, Clarissa-Mai, seems to have her priorities straight. Now, if only the weather could behave.
Horrible storms are stirring around them. What washes ashore will change the lives of these families forever. Can they set aside their differences and band together? Or, will they, figuratively, go down with the ship?


1. Prologue

       Silent tears fall down my cheeks as I stare down at the fresh hole that has been dug in the dirt. I’ve cried a lot, given the recent events. I don’t think that I can cry anymore. So, I stand, cold and dead inside, staring ahead at the coffin with the American Flag draped over it.

       He’d died a hero. He’d died, protecting me. Looking back, I try to find the signs. I try to find any way that it could have turned out differently. I know that I’d loved him well and saved him from what could have potentially been a life of hurt and misery. So, where had I gone wrong? Was I supposed to have let him go? Would that have prolonged his life?

       I choke on a sob as I almost fall to my knees.

      None of this was supposed to happen! I didn't know! None of us had. We couldn’t have known. Because, as hard as I try to find one, there hadn’t been any signs. All I can do now is remember him. Remember him how he was and remember the time that I’d spent with him.


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