Gangster Love

Gang leader Jungkook falls for a bystander in one of his street fights, Taehyung. Falling in love while in a top ranking gang is hard though.
Warning: this story contains violence in the forums of guns, knives, and fist fights. This story also includes empreg and sugestive themes. No smut.
Trigger warning: this story also contains depression and anxiety, so if you're triggered by anything related to thoses two, I sugest you don't read this story.


Author's note

I will actually write and finish this story.

10. Author's letter

Hello readers!!!! I hope you're having a good day today, and if you're not I hope things get better. How are you liking the story so far? I have to turn in my school chromebook in a few days, so I will publish a small amount after that. I actually really want to finish this story, so I will make an effort. 

I purple you!!!


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