Gangster Love

Gang leader Jungkook falls for a bystander in one of his street fights, Taehyung. Falling in love while in a top ranking gang is hard though.
Warning: this story contains violence in the forums of guns, knives, and fist fights. This story also includes empreg and sugestive themes. No smut.
Trigger warning: this story also contains depression and anxiety, so if you're triggered by anything related to thoses two, I sugest you don't read this story.


Author's note

I will actually write and finish this story.

16. Chapter #15.

Jungkook's pov:

I felt Taehyung's eyes on me and so when we were stopped at a light I glanced at him quickly and caught him looking directly into my eyes. He looked away blushing and I let out a laugh moving my hand around on his knee for a second. 

"You're to precious." I told him smiling to myself. I looked to the men who were crossing the cross walk. I rolled my eyes as one of them looked at me. It was Lay. He was form the gang that liked to call themselves EXO. 

"Not again." I whispered as he turned around and waved at his men to fallow them. They all headed towards my car as I held the door handle.

"What's wrong?" I head Taehyung say, confusion in his tone. 

"Stay here." I told him opening the car door letting go of his knee. 

"Jungkook, I haven't seen you in a while old friend." Lay said with a smirk. The other members of his gang looked at me, their arms crossed. Lay was the only one who looked relaxed.

"Don't call me that." I said harshly balling my hands into fists. 

"Oh I'm sorry," he said looking to the members of his gang "remember the shit that you owe me? I want it now."

Taehyung's pov:

I moved after watching them for only a minute. I went to open the car door and all the men talking to Jungkook stared at me.

"Look, a trinket." The brown haired male said guesting to me. Jungkook glanced at me concern on his face.

He turned to the man "I don't want trouble today, I said I would get it to you Friday."

I went to stand behind Jungkook. I grabbed his hand behind his back showing him I was there for him. 

"I got this." Jungkook whispered, which I doubted. 

"Jungkook, give me the money or give me the man, what;s it going to be?" the man asked his arms crossing to match the people around him. 

"None, you're getting neither today Lay." Jungkook said grasping my hand tightly.

"Fine, but I better get it Friday." the man who I assumed was Lay, said smirking. He and his men walked off leaving us standing on the street. Jungkook breathed out in relief still holding my hand. We returned to the car but Jungkook didn't start it.

"See this?" He said pointing to the small compartment on the door-side. I nodded wondering what he was going to say. "In any case it's needed, there is a pistol there along with ammunition." I nodded again wondering if I would ever need it. "And here," he said patting the center consul "There is another one along with more amo." He told me. I just nodded looking to the road. 

"So wanna go to in and out still?" He asked making me laugh after a moment of silence.  

(How do ya'll like other bands incorporated? shout out to my friend who likes EXO on here, she knows who she is.)

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