Prequel to Ben's story


2. Fun and Games

 After a double session of science there, was still time for the class to go on a three-mile run before lunch, as the PE master, Mr Clark, deemed it prudent to do this type of exercise on an empty stomach.  In the changing room Ben was somewhat taken aback when he observed Sammy and others stripping down naked, exposing all, before putting on their running gear. Thankfully, he didn’t embarrass himself by getting aroused but on the safe side, not knowing in which direction to look, he ended up closing his eyes while following their example.

    Ben found the run quite slow and so kept up with the front of the pack all the way round the track. He could have out run them all but held back and was content to just take it easy.

   Later, back in the changing room, Ben once again noted Sammy strip naked then with towel draped over his left shoulder slowly walk towards the shower area, stopping now and then to chat to someone on the way. Ben did not have the courage to do likewise, instead wrapping the towel around his waist making sure it fully covered everything important, he followed, only to find to his dismay that the showers were not sectioned off but open plan for all to see.

   Ben once again had to close his eyes to what was going on around him. Just like at summer camp, he could not openly join in or admit that he was interested in what was on offer. He had been brought up in a strictly religious environment and such thoughts were unwelcome, and he had to fight the temptation to sin because once he let go all hell would break loose. Outwardly he showed no signs of this inner struggle. He quickly showered and returned to his allotted place in the changing room, towelled off and then dressed and left without saying a word to anyone. Still in shock, he wandered around the school grounds until Sammy found him and announced that the bell ringing was for the lunchtime break. He told Ben he’d better hurry up as there was already a queue forming up to be served because there was fish and chips for lunch today.

   The food was nothing to what he was used to back home in Sweden, but he hardly tasted it as he was too busy making new friends with everyone on Sammy’s table.


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