Geek Mythology: An Original Musical

Way before the Greek gods were known for what they did, what were they up to? what were their past lives. Join me as we take you through and answer such a question


9. Scene 10


(Lights up. Zeus is standing on a street corner, waiting for his friends. He waves to offstage.)

Zeus: Thanks again, Trip.

Triptolemus(Offstage): No worries.

Demeter(Offstage): Have fun, brother.

Zeus: You too, sis.

(Apollo, Kym, Scylla, Charybdis and Artemis walk on.)

Apollo: There he is.

Kym: The main man himself.

Zeus: Thanks for letting me tag along.

Scylla: No worries dude.

Kym: What’s up with your sister?

Artemis: Still grounded I hope.

Zeus: Yup. Hera’s grounded until next christmas

Kym: That’s 5 months away.

Zeus: Yup. so she won’t be going to the ball….at least. That’s what dad said.

Charybdis: Good. if your sister rears her mutated head at Prom, I’m leaving.

Zeus: Okay, two of them are okay.

Scylla: She’s talking about Hera you munter.

(Scylla playfully shoves Zeus as Artemis and Apollo enter.)

Artemis: Someone seems happy.

Apollo: Oh, now look who’s being the jerk.

Artemis: I didn’t say anything.

Apollo: You did so.

Artemis: I didn’t

Apollo: Did too.

Artemis: Did not.

Apollo: Did too.

Artemis: Did not.

Apollo: Did too.

Artemis: Did not.

Apollo: Did too.

(Kym screams for them to shut up and a violent storm whips up.)

Apollo: What was that?

Zeus: Of course, Kympoelia. Goddess of vicious sea storms. In your original life you were my niece.

Apollo: I’m know this HOW?

Zeus: Okay, Just cause I’m a jock, doesn’t mean i’m uneducated. We ALL Had a past life.

Artemis: Oh yeah. I read about that. You were our father.

Apollo: Yeah. and mom couldn’t give birth on Grecian soil so she had to go to an island far off the coast of Greece and give birth.

Artemis: Which is why I’m OLDER. I DELIVERED you.

Apollo: You did not.

Artemis(Scoffs): Oh yeah right, Like you know anything about midwifery.

Apollo: I’ll have you know I delivered a mortal boy.

Artemis: With Persephone’s help. You didn’t do it all.

Kym: SHUT UP!!!!!

(Another vicious storm whips up and then calms down just as quickly.)

Kym: Can we just have a good prom night? Let’s not throw a tantrum

Apollo(Mutters): You’re one to talk.

(Kym hits Apollo around the head. Zeus checks the time.)

Zeus: We’d better hustle if we wanna make our way to the prom in time for the first dance.

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