Geek Mythology: An Original Musical

Way before the Greek gods were known for what they did, what were they up to? what were their past lives. Join me as we take you through and answer such a question


8. Scene 9


(Lights up. We see Zeus at home in his room. He is still very upset. He is also dressed in his tux. Rhea knocks on his door.)

Rhea: Zeus?

Zeus: Yeah?

Rhea: I know you’re upset.

Zeus: Honestly, I might give the ball a miss.

Rhea: Oh, Zeus. don’t think like that.

Zeus: Well, I’ve got no one to go with have I? My ball date has left and I’d rather die than go with Hera after the stunt she pulled this year.

Rhea: I’ll let you think about it. Your father and I need to get ready.

Zeus: You’re going?

Rhea: Of course, as the Leadership team, we have to. Just consider it.

(Rhea leaves and puts a Corsage. Zeus’s phone rings. He picks it up and answers. Lights up on Scylla, Kym and Charybdis. They are in their Ball gowns.)

Zeus: Hey.

Kym: Hey, Zeus. you getting ready for the prom?

Zeus: I’m not going.

Scylla: Tell me you’re joking right?

Zeus: I’m not.

Charybdis: Oh come on. It’ll be fun.

Zeus: Well, that’s easy for you to say, you’ve at least got someone to go with.

Charybdis: Actually, we’re going as a group of friends. Not a couple.

Kym: Please come.

Scylla: The ball just wouldn’t be the same. Eris would want you to.

Zeus: I don’t know.

Charybdis: Just ask your parents

Zeus: They said it’s my choice.

Kym: Oh...I had an idea, what if we all meet up. Us three, you and the twin archers.

Charybdis: That sounds fun. Besides, Zeus, I heard that You were supposed to give a speech to round off the year.

Kym: We would really love it if you would come.

Zeus: OK, I’ll go.

Scylla: Sweet, meet us at the street corner?

Zeus: Yeah...sure.

(Hera appears in the doorway.)

Zeus: Get out.

Hera: Aww. someone upset? Face it, Zeus. she was unwelcome.

Zeus: It’s your fault.

Hera: Well. it’s true.

Poseidon: Oh bugger of witch.

Hera: What did you say to me, seaweed breath?

Hades: You heard.

Hestia: Or at least I would’ve thought you’d heard.

Poseidon: Obviously not.

(Zeus snickers. As his siblings enter. They are all dressed in their Prom attire. They are smiling.)

Zeus: Thanks guys.

Hestia: No worries.

(a knock at the bedroom door is heard, Demeter and Triptolemus enter. They are dressed as a farmer and his wife. Demeter has a wreath of corn leaves in her hair and Triptolemus is holding a pitchfork, covered in Hay.)

Demeter: Hello?

(Hestia opens the door.)

Hestia: Demeter...what are doing here?

Demeter: Well, I couldn’t leave for Libya without seeing my siblings one last time. What’s up with Zeus.

Zeus: I’m debating whether I should waste my time going to the prom.

Triptolemus: Oh, don’t say things like that. It’s fun.

Demeter: You only get one prom in your life, Zeus.

Zeus: That’s easy for you to say, you guys at least have dates.

Triptolemus: this what happened?

(Triptolemus pulls out a paper)

Hestia: Yes. your sweet sister in law wrote those.

Triptolemus: So it was you?

Hades: Hera actually.

Demeter: Hera’s a bitch. From day one.

Triptolemus: Aah...but, I’m being real here, Zeus. the prom is something you don’t want to miss. You get to say goodbye to your friends.

Demeter: You get to celebrate achievement.

Triptolemus: And you get to have one last dance with your friends at Olympus high.

Demeter: Please go. I’m sure it’ll be fun.

Zeus: Okay. I’ll go.

Triptolemus: I’ll give you a ride.

(End scene.)

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