Nunti 2

After falling from the sky a young girl is taken in by a Doctor where things take a turn for the worse.


1. Chapter 1

A dull, numb pain rings throughout my head. Something, or someone nearby is licking my face. 

“Mmm” I groan. 

“Hey” someone nearby says. I open my eyes to see a creature, a small animal nearby looking down on me. “Hello” 

“Hello” I rub my head, the dull pain swims towards my limbs making me lie back down. “What.. Is that?” 



“This... this is Max” 

“What’s a.... Max?” 

“What a.. oh, he’s a cat” a woman next to me says scratching his ears. Max cocks his head to one side, glaring into my soul. 


“Yeah. A cat” 

“What’s a cat?” the woman looks confused and looks down on the cat. 

“Haha, he’s an animal. You – don’t know what a cat is?” 

“No...” I force myself to sit up, the pain rings throughout my body. “Ouch” 

“What’s your name?” 

“My name” I stop and glare back at the cat. I've never seen a creature like this before. No thoughts, no memories, nothing comes to my mind. No matter how hard I think, I can’t remember anything. Nothing from where I've just come from, nothing from where I live, nothing of what happened five minutes ago. I feel like I've just been born. Raising my arms I take a good look at my body. Scratches on my arms, tatty clothes, something on my left arm catches my eye, black ink. Nunti – Satim Finis 1.1.2020. 

“Are you okay?” the woman breaks my trance 

“I’m - fine” 

“What is that?” she asks looking at the word Nunti. 

“I don’t know – uhhh my head hurts to think, I don’t know anything - “ something soft and furry tickles my back, I snap my head around to see two large white wings attached to my back. “I have wings” I flap them a few times knocking some paper off the table “Sorry” I quickly fold them behind my back. 

“That’s okay, are you hungry?” 

“Hungry” food. My stomach rumbles and I feel a gnawing pain in my left side. “Yeah I’m hungry” 

“I’ll fix you something up” she walks into the kitchen, I clutch my stomach and roll onto my side. Max moves closer to me and sits on my lap. 

“Hello” he just sits there, staring. “You don’t speak no?" I look around for the woman. Seconds later she comes back into the room with a plate for me. “Thank you” I take the plate, bread and butter. 

“Sorry I don’t have much” 

“Thats okay” I take a bite, the butter melts on my tongue and I wolf the bread down. The woman picks Max up and sits next to me. He makes a noise, a noise I haven't heard before.

“He meows when he’s hungry. So – you don’t, remember anything?” 

“No” I swallow a mouthful. “I have a very big headache, I feel like........ I feel like I’ve just been born” a silence falls between us, I reach for more bread but realise it has all gone. I slump to my left side making myself comfortable. Questions swim around my mind. “I’m so confused, I feel so tired” my bones ache, my head throbs and all I want is my mind to shut off. I close my eyes and slowly fall into a black hole.

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